Calvin Klein Women's Diagonal Rib Dolman Sweater
I finally got to see this sweater in the store on Saturday. I've been looking at it for some time, and had put it in my cart to purchase when/if it went on sale. So happy I didn't buy this sweater. It appears to be a nice material, but is a very thin summer like material that is very cheap, and poorly structured. The fit is huge. The one at the store was a return, probably purchased on line, and it was so large, that I would take a small in this sweater, and it would probably still be too much. It is also extremely long. Not a nice sweater for your collection, and certainly not a winter sweater for warmth. Not even a sweater that is attractive. So happy I had a chance to see it before making a mistake. Calvin Klein used to make quality pants, jackets, sweaters, etc., and they were, and still are, some of my favorites. But, now the quality has gone much the same way as many designers, and not worth purchasing. Very difficult anymore to find quality at a reasonable price. Designers are showing things like Ellen for Ellen Tracy, Michael for Michael Kors, and these lesser brands are very poor quality. Some of my Ellen Tracy jackets I have from over 20 years ago, are still wonderful pieces, and look great. I get compliments every time I wear them. I don't see jackets of this quality anywhere anymore. Everything is polyester, and very poorly made. I purchase so little now, and am very picky when I do buy something.

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