Acer AS5750-6636 15.6-Inch Laptop (Mesh Black)
Bought this laptop to replace my MacBook (original Unibody), which breathed it's last. I needed a cheap laptop replacement in a hurry, since I'm working from home during a period of disability (knee surgery, I do software QA in the financial industry). Because of the urgent nature, I needed the cheapest laptop that would do the job.

I'm very pleased with this PC...the screen is big and bright, no anomalies, the Sandy Bridge i3 is responsive, even at a relatively low clock speed, and the graphics are fine for me (I'm a casual gamer. Very, very casual). Though the machine comes with some bloatware, there's not a lot.

The keyboard is better than I expected. I do a lot of typing (and can do about 80 wpm), the keyboard is really important to me, and I never did care for the chicklet keyboard on the macbook. The Acer also has chicklet shaped keys, but they travel further than the macbook's and have a much better feel. I can go at full speed on these, no problem. Build quality seems OK. I still prefer real concave keys, but these'll do fine. BTW, there's a full numeric keypad on the right side, which doesn't matter to me but will make lots of accountants happy!

The trackpad was a real surprise...I've used lots of laptops with poor trackpads, but this isn't one of them. Very smooth and responsive, multi touch/gesture, with a separate button bar underneath (though you can customize corner taps to simulate whatever you want).

There's 3 usb-2.0 ports (one on left, 2 on macbook only had 2), an hdmi port, memory card reader in front, tray loading dvd writer, hybrid audio out jack, audio input jack, and a lock port. Also an adequate video camera and built-in mike. One thing I like (as opposed to my old macbook) is that this laptop has meaningful lights on the front (battery, disk, power, network). Steve Jobs apparently didn't think I'd miss them, but it turns out I did.

Haven't pushed the battery to it's limits, Acer lists it as 4.5 hours...nothing to write home about, but OK. The case is's black, but textured to be very attractive and have zero fingerprints.

No bluetooth here, by the way. I have some bluetooth accessories, but I figure I can always pop in a bluetooth USB dongle if I need. 320GB hard drive is fine (tiny bit clicky sometimes when reading/writing)and the 4Gb memory is more than enough. Both are easily replaced, if necessary.

In short, I'm really impressed with this machine for the price...I got a lot more than I expected. Quite a deal.

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