I was speaking to and with a group of 12 women who are really healthy and they share a lot of secrets - one was about Reflexology and that became the talk of the day. Many people are suffering from Neuropathy of the feet.

Quickly I checked, looking for a Reflexologist on the coast and, when I found one, the first thing she told me to do, before I saw her or did anything, was to rub my feet with castor oil every night, for one week, and put on a soft loose stocking for sleeping. Whoever heard of such a thing?

But, I liked this woman and she has a good reputation. So, I ordered some of your castor oil. The NOW Solutions Castor Oil came, 100% pure, carefully wrapped and in a very nice bottle - very pretty bottle. I had 2 day free shipping as I have that with Amazon. I save a lot of money with that Prime shipping.

I applied NOW last night, just as the Reflexologist said and I slept all night without kicking my stockings off - a pair of stockings I can hardly keep on at night. Soft and loose. I did not wiggle my legs - no restless leg syndrome - and my feet looked wonderful. So I decided to do the treatment (?) again this afternoon because the castor oil does NOT have any odor. The excess I rubbed on my hands.

I did do some Google on Neuropathy and apparently people have done this for years. I am 78 and so I should know that but this is my first time.

We all agreed we love the old fashioned noninvasive treatments. So many no longer want to take medications any more. I know I don't. So I am happy to report that I think this is working for me. One thing, it makes your nails soft and my feet really feel good. I do have soft skin on my feet but this makes them even softer. Do you realize we are talking about one treatment? I am going to read the other reviews now but I just wanted my review to be my experience.


P.S. to my Review - although it is in my comments - want you to see this!

WELL, IT WORKS! I even had a lump on the back of my head - actually one about the size of half of a pea and the other smaller - I put it on and within 2 days they were both gone. I have no idea what they were but I was fearful - as it was under the skin, growing and I am still stunned. I am trying this other places. It has helped my feet so much - no more problems with them at night and they are warm! so the circulation must be better. No more restless legs.

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