Onkyo C-7030 Compact Disc Player (Black)
I found nary a decent review on this model... in fact the ONLY thing I found on the c7030 was the same regurgitated marketing copy re-pasted on differant websites. Annoying. One thing that stood out about this unit's specs besides its budget pricetag was its weight. To me that meant a decent power supply and good build quality (it is fairly heavy for a cd player). So because of this, along with its other intersting features (for the price) I decided to order it.

Connected to my budget HK3490 it has an unbudget sound. Clear highs. Smooth mids. Tight bass. Realistic soundstage. Uncolored. Listening to Nora Jones as I write this and she sounds like shes in the room with me. I initially had my sights on the HD990 to match my receiver but they recently upped the price on that unit and I was left with the distinct impression that there were skipping/build quality issues from some reviews despite the audiophile sound quality specified in most reviews.

Aesthetically, the c7030 looks more expensive that it is. In fact, I could mistaken this cd player for something built by Arcam, and the remote looks like something made by B&O. Good tactile feel for buttons on both the player and remote. What more can I say? Another for-the-price-it-cant-be-beat purchase.

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