Superpad 10.2" Tablet PC, Google Android 2.1, Webcam, GPS, HDMI, USB, WIFI, 2 micro SD card slots
Arrived today in great condition. I bought this as an alternative to a super expensive iPad to use at college instead of lugging my heavy laptop every day. The initial charge to 100% takes quite some time, I've been charging it for about 4 hours now and it's only at 60%, but I've also been using it during that time, so that probably isn't helping much. It runs just like an android phone, only on a much larger screen.

First off, you have to set the date and time, and if you use the weather widget, change it from Beijing, however, I can't figure out how to change it from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Maybe redownloading the widget will help. It is in English, so you don't have to worry about figuring out how to change the language from Chinese, which is nice. Unlike the reviews I've seen on similar apads, the android market is pre-installed, so as soon as you are hooked to your wi-fi you can start plunking apps down. I highly suggest ordering two 16GB mini-SD cards to go with it, the android OS takes up a little over half of the 2GB internal HD. After you set the time and the weather widget, calibrate the screen from the settings menu. I didn't do that and was having issues using the on screen keyboard until I did so. Now it responds just fine to my touch.

I've seen on reviews for similar products that you need to use a stylus or a fingernail to manipulate the screen, but that's not so with this one. Your fingerpad works just fine. It's not a multi-touch screen, but hey, it's only $200, so you can't have everything, but the screen size is big enough that you really don't need it, plus it does have a zoom option.

Don't purchase an iPad case and try to use it for this. It won't work. iPad's have a 9.7" screen where this one has a 10.2". You'd be better off buying a case for a netbook. Later on I'm going to hook up a USB mouse and keyboard and see how the system responds. I'll update my review after I've played with it some more, but so far, I really like it.

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