Sleep Innovations 12-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress
The background: My wife and I bought our first king size bed in April 2005. Three years later the thing was already sagging down the middle. Lived with it for a year and then finally made a warranty claim. The company stripped the bed down to the springs and rebuilt a new mattress. Lasted 8 months before terrible again.

So I read Consu. Reports and lo and behold, besides the fact that it states that mattresses are the number one inquired about review next to cars, they don't actually rate any mattresses. I guess it is b/c the companies give each store their own model so it is impossible to compare. C.R. did, however, give satisfaction survey numbers on the different manufacturers. It was amazing. All but one were 50% or lower (the question, I believe, was would you buy another mattress of this brand). Most were much lower than 50% (Serta was 35%). I mean WOW. It is disheartening to think that the vast majority of people are unhappy with their beds. And yes, this includes those Sleep Number, outrageously priced people (I can buy an inflatable queen mattress at Wal-Mart for $15. Why does putting a case around it make it worth $3,000?)

Well, the ONE COMPANY that had higher than 50% was Tempur Pedic (around 60%, not great, but better than the rest). Problem is, even though I could afford it, there is no way I am paying $3,300 for a 12" king size mattress. My first thought is, "China makes everything for 1/100th of the cost", so I started Googling memory foam mattresses. Well to my pleasant surprise the good ole USA came through with Sleep Innovations.

I read all, and I mean all the reviews. Seems to me like the ones that are Amazon Vine reviews (which are a lot) are bogus, purposely placed customer reviews. But weeding through the bogus ones, you could see that people were happy with it. I was still concerned though because I read horror stories from customer reviews on another off-brand memory mattress at Amazon. Stuff like the corners not ever flattening out and the company saying it could only be returned in the original box (which is absolutely impossible - the thing is vacuum sealed in there).

So I called the company. I am expecting terrible service and it was the complete opposite. Got someone right away, very nice, non-outsourced woman who said that the company had been in business for 12 years; yes I could return the mattress within the 20 year warranty and I would not have to use the same box (which when I asked that question, she stated flatly, "that would be impossible").

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