Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment 3.4 Oz Bottle with Blue Box
I am a hair product junkie and this just didn't quite give me a fix. It's basically Frizz-ease with some added Argan oil. I was expected a higher concentration of the Argan oil, but it's 5th on the list of ingredients - a fair amount, but not for what you are paying. (the top 5 ingredients of any item are basically what make the product) If something is going to be called 'Moroccan Oil', you'd expect it to be just that, right?

It's very smoothing (hence the silcones at the top of the list of ingredients). Silicones will build on the hair and will eventually have to be stripped with a detoxing shampoo to remove the build-up. I have virgin naturally curly bi-racial hair with a fine texture (think R&B singer Mya). Silicone build-up on curly hair can be the devil so curlies beware. The smell is not too bad. Kind of musky. Just glad that I purchased through Amazon and got a great deal (50% of the normal price).

All in all, it Will suffice for a quick fix for minor frizz, but definitely not a 'treatment'. For that, I highly recommend Eden Allure. They have 100% pure Argan oil available and it doubles as skin care. (not affiliated-just a lover of natural products) Speaking of which, Moroccal oil has color additives (D&C Yellow 11 and Red 17).

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