HP Pavilion Slimline s5-1010 Desktop Computer - Black
Excellent,speedy,compact,noiseless and easy to set up.I switch to hp desktop after using dell laptop for five years,it is amazing ,only drawback is that it has only one VGA port ,if it has one HDMI port then I will give it the six stars,though not bad,working nicely and too fast compare to my other two laptops,moreover cover less space,just buy one combo pack of wireless keyboard and mouse and you are ready to go. I love this set superb,buy it ,the processor is very good and fast. don't wait if you are looking for a slimline desktop and such a reasonable price of $ 350.00 from amazon.please don't miss this opportunity if you are looking for desktop.buy it and enjoy ,no regrets.
Thanks Amazon and HP I got this computer for my mom and she loves it. It boots up a lot faster than her previous computer and she doesn't have problems figuring it out. She mainly uses it for playing puzzle type games and internet news and searches, but is much happier with the loading time. Only major downfall is that it does NOT have built in wireless so I had to install it for it to connect to my wireless router. If it was wireless I might of given it a 5 star just for the fact that it takes up less room, is easy to operate and boots up quickly, but no wireless is a real let down.

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