Yamaha YMC-S21BL NeoHD Home Theater Media Control System (Black)
I first heard of Yamaha's NeoHD when cruising the web looking for a receiver that my family would enjoy with my new Sony Bravia 46 inch flat panel and Sony Blu Ray player. I wanted better surround sound to go with our new Hi-Def Blu Ray movies, but I needed an easy to use system that everyone in my family could utilize. My wife (and youngest son at 6 years of age) could NOT work our `three remote' system, and changing inputs from 1 source component to another was a nightmare for her and the family. From what I could tell from the Yamaha website, neoHD solves this problem which makes it the perfect product for me and my `remote challenged' family.
I purchased the Yamaha neoHD, model YMC-S21, and once it arrived, I jumped on it quickly to get it set up. My teenage son helped me with the Yamaha setup guide - which although initially intimidating looking, was actually pretty easy to use. Within 45 minutes, I had connected my flat panel, Blu Ray player, Time Warner DVR (Motorola), and the 2 Yamaha speakers and subwoofer with color coded speaker cable that came with the package. Once connected, everything was operational with the one simple neoHD remote control in the neoHD box!
The setup was actually pretty fun. But, I had to connect 3 IR flashers that came in the Yamaha box. I had never connected IR flashers before, but it wasn't too hard. The trick was finding the IR sensor on each component, but I had the users manuals and found the IR sensor quickly on the two Sony's. The neoHD menu walked me through setting up my system by answering a few simple questions, and then I calibrated my room w/Yamaha's YPAO microphone. Cool!
The neo had the remote codes already built in for the Sony's, but I had to teach neo the remote codes for my DVR. I called Yamaha service for some help, and they suggested I utilize the Motorola Set Top Box code set first (right off of the on-screen menu), then learn the rest of the codes simply using the neoHD onscreen menu. Actually kind of fun - I liked the way neoHD walked me through the system setup! Not intimidating at all.
Now that neoHD is set up and working, my family really loves it - the surround sound while playing Blu Ray movies or watching sporting events is fantastic, but I am really happy with the simple onscreen menu for operating our entire system. My wife and all of my sons can select 'Watch, Listen, or Play', and using the simple up and down arrow keys, make their selections without my help. No more `Input' selections, no more complicated remote controls that my family can't use, and no more frustration!
Finally, my kids showed the neighbor kids how the system works, and now my neighbors told me they may get a neoHD also for their new flat panel! Yamaha has made something that solves a real need!

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