Onkyo TX-NR609 7.2 Channel Network THX Certified A/V Receiver
The TX-NR609 is an immediate Onkyo classic, showcasing all the latest in matchless technology. This THX® Select2 Plus™ Certified network A/V receiver handles so much content- from disc-based media, to internet radio, iPod®/iPhone®, and PC and Android devices. Six HDMI® inputs—including one on the front panel—provide support for 3D video and ultra-high resolution display technology. HDMI also carries master-quality audio formats from Dolby and DTS, as well as the expanded surround sound of Audyssey DSX™ and Dolby® Pro Logic® IIz. Three-stage inverted Darlington circuitry and Onkyo’s proprietary WRAT ensure a clean and compelling amplifier performance. And when audio signals are output, the 7.2-channel configuration includes twin subwoofer pre-outs for added bass impact. Meanwhile, a user-friendly on-screen display makes it easy to adjust settings and navigate your content. All this and more makes the TX-NR609 an irresistible choice: it’s the best bang for your buck. Let the show begin!
First impression:
- Box was well packaged.
- Easy to connect right out of the box. I have a simple 5.1 set up, but even the 7.2 seems easy enough. Plenty of space between things, except the power cord seems to be in a slightly awkward location, but definitely not a game changer or something to lose more than 5 minutes thought to.
- Plenty of ports (more on that below).
- Very nice and mostly intuitive GUI OSD. I am one of those guys who does not read the manual unless I have to, and the only time I had to was knowing how to program in a radio station.
- Remote is just ok. Could use a heavier feel to it and a better explanation of what things do. I got used to it or use my iPhone remote (more on that below too).

Pros of this one:
- 6x HDMI inputs, one in front, one output.
- Network capable. I use Pandora A LOT and it integrates nicely, but it has many other internet music capabilities.
- Nice On Screen Display (OSD) of its GUI (Graphical User Interface).
- 4K Support Via Marvell Qdeo (3840 x 2160 resolution vs 1920 x 1080, though most TVs do not support this, yet...).
- iPhone/iPad control app (give it a sec, I have more to say on this below).
- All the standard HDMI 1.4 features (HDMI stand by pass-through, 3D, Audio Return Channel).
- Powered Zone 2 audio out.
- iPhone/iPod connectivity right out of the box via your standard USB cable in the front (no need for an additional (more money) port, though one is available: Onkyo UP-A1 Dock for the iPod).
- PC VGA In (but really, most have HDMI out now anyway).
- Optional Onkyo UP-HT1 HD Radio Tuner.
- Superb Audio quality.
- Superb Video up-conversion. I took an old DVD and set the output to 480i (standard definition) and let the Receiver up-convert it. Then compared it to the output from my PS3 at 1080 as well as an old HD DVD player (lol) and a standalone DVD player with 1080 upconversion and this receiver just blew it away. (Note: on a 50inch top of the line Sony TV.)

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