Lenovo IdeaPad U260 08763BU 12.5-Inch Ultraportable Laptop (Mocha Brown)
got the Orange U260 .... 1st impression is that it is very lightweight, handy and the screen is very good. Speed is not exceptional but is adequate for its class. the keyboard felt really good and the system is really queit. I looked at the specs and was really good.

Here are the cons:

When I bought the system I read it could go up to 8gb! but the system I have only can stay at 4gb! it suppose to have 2 slots of memory! but after calling Lenova I found out that not all models have that! So! its a big Minus to me when I try to upgrade the memory .

Access to HD and memory is really difficult. since it is kind of a self contain unit and not able to change things out.

3rd issue is the battery cannot be easily change !have to pretty much strip the unit to get to it! if you do decide to have a spare! since the battery life on this unit is not impressive! rated at 4hr! but I am getting more like 3 hr max!

Overall! was a bit dissapointed with some of these items I mentioned! other than that! I loaded up Office 2007, Adobe Photoshop CS5, and even run some of my game well.


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