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B.F.Pinkerton will see TOSCA today

As some of you can guest from my alias (B.F.Pinkerton is the main tenor character in Puccini’s Madama Butterfly). I am an aficionado of operas and good music who has always wanted to see a lot of them from the first day I arrived to Chicago (the windy city only second to NYC in the number of broadways/theatres/shows). However, the reality hit me hard. With the small amount of allowance each month I cannot afford the operas and other good shows (it is quite expensive here) plus the usual academic time constraint factor. I really have not indulged myself much with this artistic passion.

But this time is for real. I have been waiting the moment for so long ( or at least for the past couple of weeks). TOSCA is one of my favorites and the University is generous enough to give the privilege for students to join three free operas this year ( Don Giovanni, The Wedding , Tosca). I went to Don Giovanni but not the Wedding (as the date was just one day before my final exam). This is the perfect time and I am ready for it!

The venue will be at the Chicago Lyric Opera. Doina Dimitriu, the famed Romanian soprano will be Tosca (See who is who in Tosca’s Lyric 2005)

Hope it will be a worthwhile experience


The first poster of Tosca (from operaglass website)

websites about Tosca


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You are listening to 'E lucevan le stelle' one of the most favarite arias of all time. Very sentimental,bittersweet and heart-wrenching isn't it ?

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