Past is over.
Some of it came through, then pass. But some came through but it's hard to pass.

Some people talk about the same.

However, some obvious, but some people are difficult to understand or may not understand all.

But some people say the same, but easy to understand and accept.

I just North North minister David who were not better than anyone what. But one I respect is always a sense of self.

I fear pain itself. Fear of self-regret.

And what is not acceptable. Always and forever is "lying" I had the occasion to someone in your life.

But chose to lie to me 3 times, I certainly say that it is not always the No. 4 again.

Buddha also occasion only 3 times but I am not the Buddha itself only allow this for me is enough already.

Near the end of the year. Many end up, but many are started.

I hope next year I will start a year with good things.

And hope many people will step forward to find the good stuff.

Always thought myself that I decided to walk out of something to show that much patience myself.

But another one will think I am not interested already.

I know that I do in the. And what to do.

Because f is not who will I work? See that I work?.

Not about what I am. I never allow anyone in trouble Therefore, someone who lives I walk out and then I knew that was selected.

You know me from the first day off together from now on you will not know what more.

P.s: Do not live for anyone. But life for themselves and their families. Great love. Is love of family. What hope is not a love. Love without thinking, "but".decision.

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