Do not remove the tie with one foot.
Do not remove the tie with one foot.

Because when someone is walking by us to be the most painful.

Because we own are not ready to step into it with someone.

We also want to own is the same.

I read this sentence from the book, but very rarely in the text books.

I prefer to confine themselves in a corner.

Many people see me as a stranger.

I do not argue that it is not all.

I think back quite so strange as well because no one better.

And do not want anyone to like.

I want this life the other day there on the other.

Hua Fu( คำนี้คิดไม่ออกจริงๆ) and every day.

But still have enough time to manage own life need some. Will say that it has organized life.

But whether love itself return.

Care more myself.

Other interested people be upset and less chaotic.

Feel themselves the light work?

Unknown. Also during this period in my weight with.

Do not want to tell all that down to 12 kg in 4 months ago with the very best that can be done without using drugs to diet and exercise no longer talks to conclude from my life who have it do not take themselves to adhere to. adjacent one.

Because when we her from the most painful.

P.s Sorry the grammar. My view may be a little silly. The stability you like to read.Oh! My poor grammar.

P.s 2 Merry ChrisMas , but for days I thought would be over.

When listening to old music they liked. Plain simple content.

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Happy holidays!
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Happy holidays!

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Merry ChrisMas
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