100 things that Preschoolers should learn before going to School : PART II
PART II: Our Family is our most Certain and Beautiful Place in the world!
(CR. Dr.Birgit Ebbert)

10Learn that when they have some problems, they should come to their parents (cuddling)
---- Parents should offer this kind of reaction to your children so that they can learn how to come to you when they are in trouble
---- Please realize when your children grow up, it would be not easy anymore to always have them in your arm ;)

11.Learn to follow and keep rules in life & learn to know what a consequence should be when they ignore some rule

12.Learn to seperate what they need and what they wish
---- Something is in need to live for example water, air ect. that you as children's parents have to prepare for them and children have to learn how important such those things are
---- But something such as games, playthings ect., they can be called just 'wishes' that sometimes children just want to have them and sometimes they also show their agressive behaviors to be able to own such these things.
---- The solution is not to follow thier wish anytime they want but you have to teach and give them which consequence they will be able to reach their wish for example according to some special occasions such as their birthday, New Year or when they have behaviors or good marks from school

13.Learn to know which wish is possible and impossible to get from parents
---- for example; Lisa (6 y.) said to her mom 'Mom, I wish to see this earth has no war!'
---- If such this statement and so on that is like the example shown above happens to your children, You as parents should explain that you cannot fulfill such this wish by yourselves and what reasons should be or why, so that children would be not disappointed
---- It is good that you give your children chances regarding to some special occasions to say about their wishes

Activity: creating a wishing card for your children and hang it or show it at home then you can know how they understand this world ;)

14.Learn to lose when they play games or make some competitions
---- The most importance is to be as their good example in this area because small children learn from seeing more than hearing!

15.Learn to take part in conversations
---- Sometimes we like to teach our children that when adults are talking, children should keep quiet!
---- That is not totally right anymore. Of course we should teach them about a manner when they can take part in our conversation and it doesn't mean they must be always quiet
---- This kind of process will help our children get developed of thinking and having their own opinions or attitudes

---- What we should teach them
(1) let other people talk
(2) Keep a topic that people are talking, not spontaneously change it because of only their wish
(3) set their own opinions about that topic
(4) accept others' different opinions
(5) see an opportunity to share about their opinions
(6) Keep polite, fair and friendly when talking with other people
(7) Talking with other people with normal voice, not shout or use some rude words

16.Learn how to share some feeling especially with you as parents
---- This kind of development can help our children when they have problems or sadness from wherever you cannot be with them
---- Anyway, they should also learn to share about their variety of feelings for example; I am happy, I am sad, I am angry, I am disappointed ...

17.Learn to be able to stay overnight in some different places
---- For example; in hotels when they are in holidays
---- They can also learn how to pack their personal stuffs what they need when they are on the way, that must be FUN ;)

18.Learn how to say good bye!
---- For small children sometimes is not easy to leave from someone but what basically they should lelarn is about to be able to say good bye,take bye bye, give a kiss with understanding that to have a farewell is important and with wishing to meet each other again someday!

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