What I never imagined before makes my life now so cool!
1. To be as a Mom

- especially a mom for 2 children now.

That is wonderful and even joyful when I can see that they can grow beautifully up.

2. To do a PhD. work

- after I finished my Master "International Relations", I had never imagined that I would make my study further because to do a Master thesis was already tough enough for me. Anyway,nevertheless, I am so happy to get this challenge even together with raising up our two small children.

Yes, I am proud of being a mom and student in the same time!

As known, even Germans, it is not easy to have a place to do a PhD. work here.

Of course even to have a privilege to be as a mom together with doing so would be not easy!

So, I should smile :)

3. To live abroad especially in Germany

- I had read lots of books about Germany's history.

I was just curious of its story and only wanted to know more and more about it but that was that so.

Anyway, to live here has given me a lot of good experiences and made me experience and grow as a mature one.

4. To be as a-three-lingua-person

- Thai:English:German :) That is wonderful to be able to reach and understand what Germans'talk or even international people's talk with English language.

My English was so poor before but God helped me a lot to brush up its skill in my life. German is a challeng and still like that because of its own hard core grammar but I can understand it as so called "well" or "etwas Deutsch" even to read, to discuss and to write it especially in my seminar by the group of academic students with my Professor. Please don't forget that I live here only 4 years and had never learned German before.

Praise be to God :)

5. To be able to cook and do household

- As I lived in Bangkok, I had never done such these things before. Foods were always easy to find there even it was over 24 O'clock in the night already. My mom cooked so well for me and did some cloths or always prepared anythng that I needed for work. Anyway, that was the past.

Now I cook almost every day, prepare some foods, iron some cloths for my hubby and kids.

The most importance is about I enjoy doing it a lot! Thanks God for such this feeling :D

I am a (good) housewife :) ... heheheh ...

6. To get married with a german who has his birthday in the same month and same year as mine.

- Of course I am younger than him but only 2 Days! How we found each other is a miracle and our story you can easily find from my note here. I had never expected or imagined before that I would get a foreigner as my hubby even to imagine that I would get married some day, I didn't do that much.

Anyway, I thank God for him and I am so happy with my wonderful marriage life :)

Life is not perfect and it cannot never be but everything depends on our attitude.

A positive attitude always brings a beautiful life.

And I have always got it!

It doesn't mean my Life is perfect but I thank God for and in everything as well as appreciate

what God has given me and us.

Praise be to You and we adore You for our age, dear God :)

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