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18 พฤศจิกายน 2549
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Chinese Steamed Cracking (Smiling) Buns

I did my homework of making cracking bao (using a lady's recipe in this webblog). Apparently, the bao or these steamed buns should haved turned out 100-percent-good if I completely followed the whole recipe. Well, that' be cause of my laziness of going to buy corn starch. Anyway, let see how it goes. Let's have a look


According to the recipe, the dough consumes 3 days of making it. What we need the first day are Flour, water and previous yeast dough from last time cooking (I believe that what it is) In Thailand , you can buy at some bakery utensil store

Combine 3 things together and knead til it gets to ball shape. Let it proved overnight

Put a plastic wrap over and let it proved overnight


This is how it turns out the next day. A little yucky when you touch it

Now let's make dough for day 2 Cake flour, water and shortening

knead together with the day-1-dough and the rest of liquid ingredients

Pour in water and keep kneading

Getting your muscles pumped in

Better kneading out of the mixing bowl

Knead the dough til it becomes smooth ball and leave it proved over night again

on the Day 2 you should make BBQ Pork stuffing or else you will end up like me. You'll know what I meant later . there is a consequence for this/font>

this is blended or bashed garlic, shallots and corriander root

This are marinade for BBQ Pork and Slurry (of corn starch and yam starch). I used only yam starch coz I ran out of it and lazy to go out andbuy one. this is aso got a consequence for my (lazy) action. hahaha you will see it later on

set the marinade til it boils.

put in slurry which followed by the recipe only (don't do like i did) hahaha The color looks so horribly red because of food coloring.

keep stirring til it gets clear and the same consistency as the picture

For the Chinese BBQ pork I used a shortcut way by using a package one. I used it because I forgot to make it at day 2. Marinade Pork tenderloin for 3 hours

about 20 mins in oven, and Voila!! cut in to thin small slice

Mix in with the red paste you jsut made above. So Red!!


the day-2-dough came out like this

Kneading this day-2-dough with Ammonia powder then put a side. Let's do the day-3-dough.

bring the whold ingredients of the day-3-dough mix til it gets crumbled

bring the day-2 and day-3 doughs knead together. At first it would be alot sticky buy use some flour helping while kneading then rest it for 1 hour

After 1 hour, knead dough more for another 5 mins. Cutting dough in a big chunk and roll and cut into 20-25 grams a piece. now stuffing the buns and put on paper and get ready for steaming about 12 mins or so

This is how I stuffed the buns

Came out beautifully! I used some custard stuffing here this pix

Bravo!! came out good!

I'll be switched!! For BBQ Pork stuffing, it oozed out like lava. Because i used only Yam starch not with corn starch Besides, I didn't put all of the BBQ coz I want to keep some for me later. This is the consequence I referred earlier. Now it has back-fired me


there are still some good ones. This is after i put the rest of the BBQ pork


Group pictures of Cream Custard and BBQ Pork Buns Bong Appetite

Thank you for your attention

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สุดยอด!!! ขอเปาหมูแดง 10 ลูกเล้ยยย

โดย: ammie (luvammie ) วันที่: 19 พฤศจิกายน 2549 เวลา:18:15:32 น.  



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wah...great job......u r amazing chef...

โดย: IP: วันที่: 20 พฤศจิกายน 2549 เวลา:13:57:43 น.  

hello hello stop by to say hi kaaaaa...yess kaaa life is so shortttttttttttttttttttttt

โดย: NIRISSA วันที่: 21 พฤศจิกายน 2549 เวลา:18:44:36 น.  

it look great, i really want to taste it

โดย: Ha IP: วันที่: 22 พฤศจิกายน 2549 เวลา:17:30:19 น.  

Hello ka..I love steam pork bun too but sometime my com can read thai and sometime can't read thai.
Please.....would you mind to sent the recipe to my e-mail address ka , you so much ka

โดย: chotiga IP: วันที่: 26 พฤศจิกายน 2549 เวลา:23:44:07 น.  

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โดย: Beebie วันที่: 29 พฤศจิกายน 2549 เวลา:0:29:49 น.  


would love to try this recipe, pls send the recipe to me? thanks alot!

โดย: ida IP: วันที่: 1 เมษายน 2551 เวลา:13:27:55 น.  

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