Why are we dying to live while we are living to die?
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The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden
By Frances Hodgson Burnett

˹ѧʴ͹ҡҹѻ˹ѧͷҹ Ҩ͹ҹ˹ѧѧ Ҩ͹ҧҡҹ繵ҧ硴 ҹ 4 ѹҧǴ


ͧͧǡѺ 3 ·ʹͧǤѡ ѧ ѷҼҹû١ зǹ

Mary 硹 7 Ǻ١ҹԹѧҡ駤ͺªԵҡä Ͷ١ѺҵԤǢͧͷѧ 㹵͹á Mary 硷ѡ آҾç 㨵ͧ

㹤ѧ Mary ÷繪ѹ Թ ǹҧ͡ҹѹ˹͡حᨷǹ觤Ѻ ǹ Ҿǧ Mary ʹҡзǹ鹡ѺժԵա˹

¤ͨҡ Dickon ˹ҡʹ ѺǷ繤Ѻͧ Mary ǹ觤ѺѺժԵҢա˹

ѹ˹ з Mary ѧ͹ͧ Թ§ͧ㹤ʷҧ˭ Թ§仨١١ͧͧͷҡ͹ Colin ١¢ͧҢͧҹ һ ͹ 㨵ͧ Mary ͹Ѻ Colin Ъǹ Colin ͡蹷ǹ觤Ѻͧ

Colin Dickon Mary ҧҧդآǹ觤Ѻ ͤͧ͢ Colin ѺҨҡǵҧͷо١·赹ԴҨѧ оԡ͹Ѻͧ 硼·ʧҧ ͧöա

͹áҹͧ֡ҧŧԧ м¹ͺ͹㹺ҧҡҹ ͻҹ鹶١͡ ҡҹŴŧ㹷ѹ Ըաú㹺ҧ͹дٹ ͧҡ¹ͧ͹ 仫 ҹǺҧ駡ͧ仺ҧ ǡʹءҹաͧ˹

- At first, people refuse to believe that a strange new thing can be done, then they begin to hope it can be done, then they see it can be done---then it is done and all the world wonders why it was not done centuries ago.

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