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top five tracks
1 Motorway to Roswell
2 Letter to Memphis
3 Space (I Believe In)
4 Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons
5 Palace of the Brine


Letter to Memphis

The day since i met her
i can't believe it's true
she came here from memphis
across the ocean sailing
and i saw her and i pleaded
why do you come so far and she said
trying to get to you
how i tried to get to you
trying to get to you
i'm sending a letter
i'll send it right to you
i'll send it to memphis
i know that someday
everything i needed and i wanted
used to be that my head was haunted
and all these sirens they make me mad
and all this violence it brings me down
i feel strong i feel lucky
trying to get to you
said i'm going to get to you
trying to get to you


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