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Yesterday I read an article about George Lois who is an artist and used to create the most impressive art work in 60's. After I saw some of his works for Esquire magazine, I did some research about it. I also looked for any other magazine covers that once famous and controversial. Picture after picture that went through my eyes. Story after story that went through my brain. Maybe they're just magazine cover, but I can help but thinking about the world we're living in.

I'm fully aware that these stories mostly are represent the way American citizen lived back then. But somehow I can relate to it. Maybe their culture became our culture in one way or another (and we're still denying about what we've become). Well...maybe I shouldn't say that.

These pictures also made me think about all changes in the world. Look at a model in pink helmet (Jean Shrimpton) who represented fashion in sixties. John Lennon and Yoko Ono was cuddling each other on the cover of Rolling Stone and merely an hour later John Lennon was shot to dead. Andy Warhol drowned in his famous Campbell Soup represent in the end of avant-garde and pop art culture.

It's also showed us the truth and blunt reality our world. Like Esquire magazine which simply read "Oh My God—We hit a little girl," became the wake up call for all uglinesses in Vietnam War. Same as LIFE's edition of Vietnam war which showed a blinded fold, mouth fold captured Vietnamese. Or even when American which suffered from 9/11. Fortune Magazine released “Up from the Ashes” which showed a business man covered with dusts and ashes.

It's seem that I cannot get to the point that I wanted to tell. So let me conclude my blog right here. These are memories, some failed, some succeed. They were recorded and become the past history as we moved on. But do not let it will be just another pieces of story that only comes up when the same old story is repeated. We have to learn from it and try to make the best out of it. Let it be our lesson for life. Like the song that is playing in the slide "We are all going to fall down, but it's important that how fast can you get up".

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George Lois is dropping knowledge at SVA's MFA Guest Lectures. He made Esquire beautiful and invented the Nauga Monster for christsake!

George Lois' 1960s Esquire covers put today's butt-kissing magazines to shame.

George Lois

Covering the '60s: George Lois -- The Esquire Era

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