Long time no see, My dearest blog....

"Gone but not forgotten"

Oh wait....that phase is actually for the person who passed away.

You see, I'm not dead. I'm just disappear. Where? Around. Why? I will tell you. There are sometime when you don't have a particular energy to do some particular activities. In my case, writng & reading are the two activities that I really don't enthuastic to do. It wasn't writer's block (Me? A Writer?? duh! I even merely called myself a good reader). It's just I feel bored with the whole thinking process.

But, I'm not gonna close this whole blog down for the sake of my twisted mood. I love it here. This place is like a home for my collective memories for more than one year.I know some of lovely people here. I found it's very empowered my existancy when I saw my blog have been answered by someone.

But then again, my peculiar feeling toward the place I live now still kept me far away from fully functioned thinking process (even I've been here for a year or something). I hope I will be get back on my arse and start wrting something more valuable. I will write a better movie review and some other things. I promised.

ps. These are movies that I have watched (maybe I will pick some of them to write soon, who know?)

Stranger than Fiction 3/4
Pros: Chemistry, Chemistry, Chemistry. Will & Maggie are very endearing couple. Script is also great.
Cons: Wasted supporting characters. Hoffman, Latifah, even Emma which I found that she's not so good here.

The Sciene Of Sleep 3.5/4
Pros: Amazing unique special effect. Endearing love story (especially for a manchild like me). Complex story make your time worthwhile.
Cons: Rather rush ending.

Flirting (1991) 3/4
Pros: Noah Taylor is great. Cute score. Very understanding script. This is coming of age movie that you should watch.
Cons: A bit long. Some unnessary scenes drag in around middle of the movie. Thandie Newton (back then) is not so great (compared to her lead co-star).

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