Conversation with Myself

BM1: Hey bro, Can I talk with you about something?

BM2: What now, man? Is it about that girl again? Haven’t we gone through this before?

BM1: Yeb. We have gone through this many times, but I’m still confused about this whole friggin’ thing.

BM2: So you love like her, eh? Have you got any clue what love is?

BM1: hmm….I think love is about harmony. I have what she misses, I miss what she has. Or something likes that.

BM2: This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Love isn’t about jigsaw man. We can’t just put them together like that.

BM1: Oh you’re so expert, right? So what is love then?

BM2: It’s complicated. Maybe your theory is right, even though it’s just so absurd. I think love is come in free form based on our perception.

BM1: Hey now you’re sounded like Yoda, man. What the hell are you trying to say?

BM2: I said what we’ve believed in love are all correct. Love is lust. Love is sharing. Love is harmony. Love is whatever people tried to think and then came up with pretty words.

BM1: So you think, am I doing the right thing? Can I just say that I love her?

BM2: You bet, why can’t you?

BM1: Because I’m afraid of rejection, man. I really can’t lose something we’re sharing right now.

BM2: Share what? Secret admiration? What are you? Some friggin’ lunatic stalker? You cannot let some stupid excuses keep you away from the happiness.

BM1: You don’t understand bro. It’s not excuse. I’m sucker for love, you know? I take every opportunity seriously. I would think about the future that we’ll spend our life together. So it’s meant a world to me when I have to say something like this.

BM2: I understand your point, but this is just telling that you love her, man. It’s not a friggin’ proposal to marriage you or something.

BM1: I got your point. But…..

BM2: Just go and tell her, no but, no if, no goddamn anything, man. Remember those who are afraid to fall will not fly.

BM1: err bro, how did you come up with that corny line. It doesn’t sound like you man. It’s like coming from Hallmark’s movie or something.

BM2: Shut up! You fool! Maybe you haven’t seen my softer side yet.

BM1: Okay chill out……Just messing with you. Thanks man, I will talk to you later.

BM2: Right, next time please change friggin’ subject, will ya? I’m bore to dead with your stupid love life....

ps. Wish me luck

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555 is very very complicated and come in free from .

These times i have conversation with myself quite a lot too but in different angle and it's not fun like this.

Wish you luck na ja.

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แต้งกิ้วที่ยังไม่ลืมเลือนกัน ยังไงก็เดี๋ยวแวะไปฟังน้องปารีสนะครับ

Yeah I think, sometime, the best buddy you can talk is to yourself. For my case, there is always the passive side and the agressive one who keep arguing all the time. So as a viewer (another me, 3rd one), I will try to listen and then decide what's the best to do. Of course, sometime it's a wrong decision (dead wrong!). But at least I think before I did it.

ps.So.........please don't see me weired or something na, just a little bit nuts haha+
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if tomorrow never comes Man !

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ขอให้อยู่กับความสุข ทุกเมื่อเชื่อวันค่ะ

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Thanks for your blessing.

Yeah I already told her yesterday. And now I received some answer le. It's an answer that I already knew that's it's gonna be. But...even though I knew the result, If I tell you guys that I'm perfectly fine, I would be a liar.

Oh hell, life must go on. So am I. But It's just too damn tired to walk alone........
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