Finally...A Chance to Write Blog (Arkkk!)
So I was just a good reader for almost 2 (or 3?) weeks now. My life in Guangzhou is now a lot more complicate than ever because I was just moving out from my cousin's room. So new room, new rules and new environment put me in uncomfortable position to do anything at all.

About the thing that I love (watch movie), tell you the truth, I haven't watched any since I left Thailand almost month ago. I mean that's so insane (for me at least).

What should I talk about? Oh! Weather is friggin' hot (it's just raining today, thank god!). Umm.... about US Open, They didn't broadcast anything at all (isn't that suck?). About....oh I know! my new room. It located in Tianhe area (new city), so it's quite convenient to go anywhere and buy anything. The bad thing is it's more expensive than my previous room (with cousin).

So I really hope to write blog about movie or book or music or whatever when I have a chance (like this). Please wait of review of "Cars" which I really want to see it this weekend (I must or else I might die because of "ลงแดง").

Ps.To prove it was rainning today, I put a photo from TeeMall for you guys (Although it's from my low-quality mobile camera, I hope you can see more or less)

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