Same old, same old...

So I moved back here on 23rd. But it took me almost a week to gain access to the internet. I missed a church on Christmas eve (again). So I went on 25th in the morning instead. The church that I went is kind of looked like Assumption church (Bangrak). Again, I didn't expect that there are so many Chinese people who are Christian.

Yesterday is the first day that I met my old comrades (it's very nice to see you guys). We went to eat some food and then shopping (DVDs, that is 555+). I was so surprised that they have moved shop to a bigger and better place. However the way you got in is even more complicate. Because you have to call the owner and then she will come down to pick you up to see the shop. I bought a whole lot of DVDs that I didn't see in Thailand. I bought "Once" which I'm dying to see for a very long time (and after I see it, I will definitely review it). There also De Palma's "Phantom of the Paradise" which I heard it's classic (in a weired way). I think I will have a time to see it all.

So I will leave it here because I have to go out and find my own damn room (haha+). I will resit you guys whenever I have time. So...I'll see you then.

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Hope you have a very wonderful time here...

Best wishes for the new
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God bless you
Church is very nice

Thanks you so much for your show picture
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Ha Ha, now I'm downloading "Once" as well. Hope we can join in comment of this movie.

Anyway, drop to say "Happy New Year 2008", wish YOU healthy ka.

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ขอให้มีความสุข สุภาพแข็งแรง ร่ำรวยๆค่ะ

glitter graphics

Happy New Year Glitter Graphics

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