Summary of 2 months in Guangzhou (very rough one!)
You guys probably wonder why the hell I wrote this blog afterall. It's because, right now, I've gotten a lot of time to do so. I mean, I have absolutly nothing to do in the next 3 weeks. So that's leave me plenty of free time to do whatever I want. I can visit my old friends (whether they want to see me or not). I can write in this blog as much as I can (again, whether you guys want to read it or not). And most important, I can watch, like, 3 movies a day without causing any interruption on my job. Anyway, now I really need to recapture my life when I lived in that big hollow city in China.

First few days was the worst days of my life. Nobody were able to talk to me at all (they've tried but I'm too afraid to speak with them). The office that I came to help is also too small and hot. So I was pretty desperate and really wanted to go home back then. Luckily I have senior who have lived here for 1 year. He taught me everything that I supposed to know about this town (take bus, take subway, place to eat and so many many things).

So my first adjustment was going quite alright because of him. I went to improve my Mandarin with some university student every morning (in fact, I didn't actually learned much but I just want to look at my pretty teacher). I also went to walking streets (both Beijing lu and Shangxia jiu). It's so cool in the first couple of time, but now it's just like any other shopping arcade in Bangkok (big but soulless)

About the food, well, how should I put this. It made me lose about 8 kg. in just two months. It's because they use oil too much in every food they've made. For example, their "ผักบุ้ง" always soaked with oil. It's like they've drown in the sea of oil by cooker (yuck!). So that's why I always skip dinner and eat bread or banana instead.

About going out, I have already mentioned that unforgetable night in this bloggang. So I want to tell about neighbour father's birthday instead. So it was his sixty birthday (very important for chinese), everyone were very enthuastic about this ceremony. In fact, so do I because I never participate in this kind of celebration before. So we went to the restaurant nearby the office. We ate like we never saw any food before in our life (trust me, it's that much). In the middle of meal, I was offered with white alcohol by someone which I drank it because it's a celebration day. Again, I was offered with red wine by another man which I also took it (this one I took many of them because it's so good). At the end of meal, I felt funny in my tummy and then that feeling traveled to my head. Everybody were ready to leave to KTV except me that still sat on the chair. You can guess what happened to me next, right? I thrown up like I've never thrown up before in my life. From 3 times to 5 times to 10 times to.....ok I lose count back then. Until my tummy have nothing to offer to my mouth, I still felt really want to do it as my tummy request....So that night for me will be an another night that I will remember as a first (maybe last?) wasted in Guangzhou.

Ok, let's talk about people. I think you're already know that Thai people are (and always be) the nicest people in the planet. Chinese (in Guangzhou) are often mean and cruel to other people. They are likely to fight at anything even though that's not a big thing at all. But one thing that surprised me the most, if you really get to know that particular people, they will likely to act nice with you as much as they could. Like neighbour, at first I didn't speak to them, so they act coldly with my arrival. But then, just 1 month, when I know them, they were nice to me even though I didn't do anything to them at all. They made dinner and invite me to join all the time, they invite me to swim all the time(which I can't swim). So I think this is the way of living that different from ours.

So I think I don't have anything left to tell here. Two month in that city opened my perception about something more than I live in Bangkok for the rest of my life. So in the next 3 month I will go back there, I really hope that this time I will be more prepare and prompt. Personally I can't wait for the next adventure of my live any longer.

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