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11 เมษายน 2554
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Most lonesome poem

Most lonesome poem

I can write the most lonesome poem of all tonight.

It might say; "The blue moon is shining alone in the sky,
And dark clouds hide all the stars behind their folds."

Sweet smell of night-blooming Jessamine fuses with summer air.
A single pure white petal falls on my hair.
My feet are on wet green grass,
My mind is dwelling on how things came to pass.

On nights like this, I was in his arms.
My lips were sealed with his soft kisses.
Our hearts were beating as fast as festive drums.

I loved him and I know that he loved me too.
I could see it vividly in his blue passionate eyes.
I could feel it clearly with his warm charming smiles.

I can write the most lonesome poem of all tonight.
To feel the weight of heavy atmosphere upon me.
And emptiness is clenching and crushing my soul.

What does it matter that our love was not enough.
The world is large; Millions mountains and oceans keep us apart.

He loved me with all his heart and sometimes I loved him as much.
I felt safe as I'd never been before;
He was my home. He owned my heart.

I no longer love him, true, but perhaps he's still on my mind.
I'm a coward under my unchanged smiling mask.
Inside me, a small frightened girl is hinding.
My bleeding heart is still slowly healing.

Someone else. He may be with someone else;
Wraping her in his warm arms, looking at her with his blue eyes.
Kissing her with his soft lips. And his heart's beating for her.

That doesn't hurt me, but somehow, I feel even more lonely.
For he is with someone else and I'm alone with my thoughts of him.

I will write the most lonesome poem of all tonight.
I'm a lonely lost wanderer, in search of a place where I belong,
In someone else's arms, where I can safely lay down my heart and soul;
A new home.

5.30 pm.
At home.

หลังจากอ่านบทกวีของ Pablo Neruda ตามที่เขียนเอาไว้ใน บล็อกนี้ อารมณ์กวีก็บรรเจิดมากเลยทีเดียวค่ะ

กลอนบทนี้ไอซ์เขียนล้อบท Saddest Poem ของ Pablo Neruda นะคะ สเต็ปเลยไปทางเดียวกันค่ะ ^^

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หลายปีแล้วหลงเข้ามาอ่าน 555 ชอบ phase he was my home he owned my heart มากเลยครับ
a small frightened girls is **hiding รึเปล่าครับ


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