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Space, Time, Life and Society

Space has its physical description while time is intangible.... With these two different things in their context, life is possible.

Within one limited space under a pressure of time, life evolves or extincts--- constantly changing from one physical space across time. Although not all of them survives nor sustains, some do depending on adaptability and the environment.

To survive, lives cling on one another. Mutual respect, energy transfer, inter-relationship among living organisms and reproducibity determine sustainability of the entire system, a society.

Time is a factor playing its roles in selection, differentiation and ultimate survivors. There will be no only victor/survivor in one sustainable biosphere. Among the survivors, each of them need to define its roles of its own in such limited space and time. Annihilation/revolution, killing in a short period of time, does not and certainly cannot bring any system into a functional state without violence.

This is a certain fact and intricate connection of space, time, life and society that I learn from science. I believe it can be fully and universally applied to all other circumstances without boundary of space and time.

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amatuer translator
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พิษณุโลก Thailand

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Note: My life has been intertwined with works and many others. New responsibility has emerged, resulting less and less time for my ordinary life. Although, a love to write is still intact... But having less time is related to having less imagination.... Therefore, I could not come up with new writings for quite some times.

It might be a good time for me to leave this forum for moment.... Please take it as Mr. A.T. is having a sabbactatical leave or something like that....

As noted above, my love to write is still the same... and will not be changed. Sometimes somehow, I hope I could come back and give some thoughts in this blog once more.

Mr. A.T.
June 6th, 2008



My pen-name in Pantip is amatuer translator. Actually, I'm a lousy translator with lame translation. My pen-name is somewhat misleading, I have no background in linguistics what-so-ever. Anyway I love to read, write and communicate with people...

Reading is my most favorite hobby. I read everything from shopping bags to articles in theoretical physics. I do research and teaching for my living. So, reading, writing, thinking and doing research works are my everyday routine.

I would like to define myself as a person who is accepting new ideas and adopting those into my way of life.

I believe in power of knowledge/education. I think every society can be a better society with knowledge. Ignorance can be dispelled by it. Humanity can live sustainably and harmoniously with each other along with its biosphere with understandings in the nature surrounding it.

Apart from my philosophical thoughts reflecting who I am, I can tell you something I like or love in particular;

I love dogs.... Particularly, labradore retrievers.... One day, I would like to spend my time and life with them as a big part of my family.

Zhuge Liang is my hero. With his wisdom and faithfulness, he led a tiny army to a mighty and formidable kingdom. He left his humble residence with a hope to come back. But, sadly, he had never returned and died far far away from home in a horse carriage in a battle field. If I could choose where I would, I would say where-ever my lovely wife was nearby.

I value happiness and my family as my first priority. My profession and my philosophy come in the second. Pursuit in wealth has never been in my desire.

I'm glad to be your friend, and look forward to seeing you around krub.

Best wishes,
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