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มกราคม 2550
15 มกราคม 2550
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Because of being tagged: My Beloved Hospital

Sawasdee krub,

There were some people tagging me again... Well, it's a big honor na krub... But, this might be the last essay I wrote because of it na krub... :)

Well, I'm an old man... So let me tell my old stories. These happened when I was newly graduated from my undergrad around 15 years ago...

One point in time, I chose to work in a 10-bed hospital in a very remote area of Thailand. In that time, my salary was 6,160 Baht.... I'd no ideas how I could even sustain my hungry stomach with that money....

Anyway those invaluable 2 years of being a public servant there, it've turned me and my attitudes around....

To drive to my hospital, I had to drive around 300 km on a decent road from BKK. After that the road turned into moon-surfaced, Mars-redded dirt road.... It's almost impassable during a rainy season with my white 1300-cc Nissan Sunny "inherited" from my dad....

In the hospital, we had a kitchen which part of the food we planted by our own in our small garden in backyard of the hospital.... Because of lacking of restaurants in the area, almost all of us had our meals from this very kitchen sharing with our patients....

This kitchen was an important part that I could saved a lot of money from that 2-year service.... For 90 meals, I got to pay 150 Baht for that... So, I felt "rich" every time I got my salary from the hospital accounting department....

More importantly, I learned that many of my patients could not come to the hospital to receive free services because they didn't have 10 Baht for bus rides.....

My ambition about wanting to be rich have come true ever since... I'm unwittingly rich.... and still be that way....

In the hospital, we had a small water well sufficient for supplying the hospitals and the dormitories.... So, water for washing my "white" car is out of reach...

So everytime when it rained, I would run down from my hospital directly to my garage and push my beautiful car out to have a heavenly carwash!!.... So, if you were there and it was raining, you would see a fat guy with thick eyeglasses running happily like a maniac from the hospital to his garage.... :)

My room? Yes, I got one.... It's on the first floor of a dorm.... It's around 50 sq-feet.... not a sizable one, but enough for me to have a good night sleep every night.... If I open a rear window, you would see sugarcane plantation as far as you eyes could see to the south horizon!!

No one could reach me.... We had no phone!!.. Actually we had one... Thanks to the Telecommunication Authority of Thailand.... It's quite a unique phone... Actually it was a blue public phonebooth in which you could call.... And, you know what, there were only 3 of these phonebooths in the areas, so the coin slot of the booth would be full within a few days after emptied.... Once it's filled with coins, it would be dead!!

Normally, the phone person would come to pick up coins once a week on Wednesday.... So the darn phone would work only on Wed-Fri only....It wouldn't work on Saturday through Mid-Wendesday.... Just like that!! :)

I fell in love too--- just like any other ordinary striaght guy... But this damn phone curbed me from contacting my girlfriend most of the time.... So, I wrote her letters.... and lots of them... I wrote her at least 2 letters a day for almost 2 years.....

When we got married, she showed me "her trash".... It's quite remarkable.... It was my letters... and there were countless of them...

It's good for our children though... At least, their mom could show them that their dad could write!!.... :)

Love was the only reason why I left my loving workplace.... I didn't dream or expect that my life would be in any other place but that small yet lovely hospital where I could directly give my services to my countrymen whose desperately needed my helps.

One more story that I would like to tell you about.... It's funny though...

In the hospital, the only place that we had an airconditioner was a stockroom in pharmacy department....

One night in April, it was really really hot.... So four of us (all three doctors and one pharmacist) could not sleep because of the temperature... So we sneaked into the pharmacy room and slept there...

In the morning, a nurse came to us and asked us angrily that; "Where were you guys last night?".... I said, "We're here all night in the pharmacy room!!"... She said, "Darn, any of us couldn't find you when there was a patient coming... So we'd to refer him!!"

Me and my friends, "?!?"

There were tons of good memories in this place; The place that taught me about my current stance, my society, my country, and my countrymen.

Thanks for the memories though... :)

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เข้ามาอ่านความลับที่ถูก tag ด้วยคนนะคะ

โดย: immuno วันที่: 15 มกราคม 2550 เวลา:13:12:02 น.  

ตามมาอ่านค่ะ... อ่านไปก็ยิ้มไป นึกตามแล้วขำอะค่ะพี่ a.t.
(ขนาดไม่ได้ไปอยู่ที่ขาดแคลนน้ำอะไรเลยนะเนี่ย... )

เรื่องจดหมายก็น่ารัก สมัยนี้คงคุยมือถือกันกระจายแล้ว...

กิไม่เคยไปอยู่ที่เล็กขนาดนั้นเลย เคยแค่ไปฝึกงานที่รพช.
แต่ก็อยู่สบายๆค่ะ แบบว่าอยู่ง่ายกินง่ายเหมือนกัน

โดย: r k i IP: วันที่: 16 มกราคม 2550 เวลา:7:41:13 น.  

I wonder what part of the country it was....

Thinking in terms of the pros: the smaller the society, the closer the interpersonal relationships, and the more meaningful memories you'd have found for the meaning of life--when compared to lives in the big cities na ka....

The letter story was really impressive and def memorable ka.

I've grown up as a city girl, but i've once worked in some suburban area ....it's a general hospital though..so life wasn't as tough (enough) for me ...Haha

A great story told here. Thanks much.

โดย: Little Red Riding Hood วันที่: 16 มกราคม 2550 เวลา:12:09:50 น.  

I also like this story. Have I ever tell you that you are a good story-teller?

:) Tell us more stories na ka.

โดย: The phu (The phu ) วันที่: 19 มกราคม 2550 เวลา:1:17:25 น.  

Hi Khun A.T.,

Just came back from Houston and wanted to say hi to you. The story about your love letters put a big, fat, huge, ginormous smile on my face!

โดย: Rive Gauche วันที่: 19 มกราคม 2550 เวลา:7:35:04 น.  

That's a lovely stories and taught me known "how its going on ?"

Thanks for your extreamly of good experience that you could met and taled with us ..

Thanks agian

โดย: Belladonna IP: วันที่: 19 มกราคม 2550 เวลา:18:11:25 น.  

เข้ามาอ่าน ตามประสา แฟนเก่าแฟนแก่

โดย: PatPDX IP: วันที่: 20 มกราคม 2550 เวลา:10:01:02 น.  

มาอ่านตามประสามิตรเก่า แต่ยังไม่แก่... ฮิ ๆ

โดย: piangdin วันที่: 23 มกราคม 2550 เวลา:1:20:32 น.  

I've got some experience in Amphur hospitals so I totally understand the situation!

It's funny that while reading your story, I feel this little warm and conforting feeling inside of me.

Thank you once again, and over again for sharing such a beautiful story.

โดย: ruiN วันที่: 29 มกราคม 2550 เวลา:13:44:55 น.  

Hi Khun A.T.

I wonder if you would be interested in reading this entry of mine:


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