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Arsene Wenger: ‘Theo Walcott..

Arsene Wenger: ‘Theo Walcott not quite ready; I disagree with Mertesacker – we train hard’ Arsene Wenger said that though Theo Walcott looks back to full fitness, he’s just not quite ready yet for the physical demands of 90 minutes of Premier League action, so won’t feature against Sunderland.

Wenger says Theo is ‘not far off’, but needs time to prepare ‘for getting kicked again’, which Mathieu Flamini is apparently taking care of at training.

Wenger also responded to Per Mertesacker’s comments, after his vice captain said the team needed to train harder following the difficult win over Anderlecht.

Wenger said ‘I don’t know what he meant by that; we do train hard, very hard….I think it’s more a question of confidence.’

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