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Mandy Capristo dumped Arsenal’s

Mandy Capristo dumped Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil on the phone. She’s now being chased on Facebook by an ex German tabloid Bild have once again given a fresh update on Monday on the bitter split between Arsenal playmaker Mesut Ozil and popstar Mandy Capristo.

After two years of dating, Bild now report that Ozil was dumped by Capristo on the phone after the Arsenal’s man flirty behaviour with Melanie Rickinger became public knowledge.

REVEALED: Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil alleged flirty Whatsapp conversation with Melanie Rickinger.

If that wasn’t enough, Ozil is now having to watch his ex get chased by one of her former boyfriends, as German rapper Kay One has posted a couple of teasing message on Facebook.

Kay One’s cryptic Facebook messages have included memes saying “a real woman doesn’t forbid you, but she knows how to behave” and “the first step is man’s work”.

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