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Mr. Coffee 4-Cup

1. Makes great coffee
2. Price.
3. Maintenance free.
4. Very compact. Good for small kitchens.


1. Difficult to open the lid that stores the water.

I bought this coffeemaker after my old Mr.Coffee started to get clogged after 5 years of daily usage. So far I had this coffeemaker for a month and I am very pleased. I use it daily at least two times a day to make espresso (duh) and love it. The machine only takes about 5 minutes to finish brewing and it makes plenty of steam after it is done. It serves about 5 cups of coffee. There is no cleaning afterwards. No filter that you have to replace or anything. The machine is maintenance free.

I bought this coffeemaker directly from Amazon for $39.99 and I find the price to be very reasonable. If it turns out to be as durable as my old Mr.Coffee it is going to be a steal. I have seen machines that cost double and triple and are not much better. At least not enough to justify the price (in my opinion). The machine comes with its own measuring cup and the little spoon that is used to put the coffee on the pouring spout.

If you have a small kitchen you are going to like the fact that the machine itself is very compact and portable. It has a width of about 10 inches and a height of 12 inches. It is also very light. Moving it around would not be a problem. On the bottom of the coffeemaker you have a place to store the cable in case you want to put away the machine or use it on the road.

The only thing I do not like is the lid used to open the water container at the top. The lid has an oval shape that does not provide a lot of friction when you are trying to open it. It makes it harder than it needs to be to open the container. My previous machine had a square design that made it easier to grip. The new oval shape is aesthetically pleasing but less functional.

Overall, I like the coffeemaker and certainly recommend it. It makes great coffee and it offers a good value for you money. I have had good experience with Mr.Coffee machines in the past and I hope this one lasts as long as the other ones. I will update this review in the future if I encounter any problem.The cover for the wand is unnecessary and bothersome. Just remove it and don't bother.

The tip of the wand unscrews and can be cleaned separately. Do that often. You may have to use a pair of pliers to "break it loose" and to tighten it sufficiently when you put it back on-- there is supposedly a built-in "wrench" on the handle of the measuring scoop, but it may or may not actually be effective. It's probably necessary to clean the steaming wand tip often (definitely every use, force some steam out of the wand when you're done to 'blow it clear'...

Mr. Coffee recommends that you delime the machine every 40-80 brews, same as with a regular coffeemaker (use vinegar, then flush with clear water a few times)... clean the steaming wand tip at least this often-- probably much more often.

You probably want to put a cup or something under the steaming wand while you are waiting for it to get up to temp/pressure... water will drip, the steam will be "wet," etc. while you're waiting...Birthday present from a friend because I liked Starbucks and I would stop there every day for a large latte at $4 plus (California). I finally used it and it's a great machine. To me, the coffee is better than what I had been buying at the shop. A lot depends on what brand of espresso coffee you buy. The machine makes the espresso, the taste is up to you. There are differences in coffees, for example some people prefer Yuban over Folger and can tell the difference between the two. The machine heats the water quickly, takes only a couple of minutes, just enough time for me to pour the milk into a small pitcher to steam it. By the time I have the milk ready, the espresso is pouring into the coffee pot. The first time I used the machine I didn't know what to do with frothing the milk. And it was a disaster. Milk splattered everywhere. I learned by placing a metal pot under the frothing pot so if it spilled it was an easy clean up. I don't need that extra pot anymore. It just takes a little experience. I recommend it highly, I'm very pleased with it. And no, I don't pay for lattes anymore at Starbucks.

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