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Hamilton Beach 49980Z reviews

I typically do not give a lot of reviews. However, had I read something like this review before I bought the coffee pot I would have been MORE CAUTIOUS about which coffee maker that I had bought.I bought this coffee pot because I wanted to be able to brew singles when I was the only one that wanted a cup of coffee and really liked the K cup idea. I also wanted to be able to fix a pot of coffee when we had guest where I would not have to fix separate cups for each person. Overall it meets my expectations with one exception. The one exception should be noted that the BUYER BEWARE: that there is two versions of this Coffee maker: A flex brew and 2 way brewer. One can accommodate the K cup and the other does not. They look very similar the only difference at first glance is that the coffee pot and mug are on different sides. I bought several packages of K cups and had opened them all to put in my storage container for easy access to all of them. However, once I had assembled the coffee maker (removing plastic and cardboard) and was reading how to put the K cup into the coffee maker did I then realize that this was the one that did not take the K cups. Well, I had already opened the boxes of K cups... so what now..... well easy solution.... I cut off the tops (foil tops) of the K cup and dump the ingredients into the built in filter when I want a cup and...voila... I can still enjoy the K cups. Overall I really like the coffee maker. I get the convenience of having both worlds. Just a small setback that it does not accept the K Cups. Pods are a little more difficult to find and do not seem to have all the flavors and different options that the K cup does.See my minor mechanical complaint at the end... I can live with it, Hamilton Beach has excellent Customer Service and 1 year warranty. I purchased this product the 1st of November 2011. I love/loved it so much that I'd see people in name brand Bath type stores and tell them to check out this coffee maker. It's perfect. I steered 4 people to purchase it, 3 of whom I'd never met! That's how sold I am on it.I love that we can have a full pot of coffee and keep it on the warmer which keeps it really warm. Or, a quick single cup, in my own cup or mug, or the insulated travel mug that comes with it. I just flip the switch to individual, fill that side with water (good for hot water without coffee too#! If I've run out of the Senso type coffee pods, it has this wonderful little screen filter that you put your own scoop of coffee in and wa-la...brew away. So coffee pod or not, I have about a 16 ounce cup of coffee of my own. I love this, love this maker - a multi-tasker like me!****Now.... I have owned it 6 months next week and I have 1 issue. The large pot warming plate on OUR unit, has the Teflon type coating thas has started flaking off, so my maker looks several years old! It's just my husband and I using it, not abusing it. No harsh abrasives at all. So maybe it's a fluke, just our unit, but today I called Hamilton Beach and it falls under the 1 year warranty. I took photos and emailed to HB. They will replace the whole item but shipping to my rural California area is almost $16 dollars. Well worth it, HOWEVER knowing now? Purchase the Walmart 3-year $6 warranty and play it safe. I hate warranties for little things. Next time I'll reconsider it! Bottomline, save all your documents, sales receipts, etc., in case you need them. Sit back and enjoy this fine machine! Alot of bang for the buck! I don't believe you will be sorry!

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