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Rejuvenation Treatment, Against White Hair

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- Treats Alopecia
- Regenerates lost hair
- Removes and prevents dandruff
- Treats and prevents dermatitis
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1) "Hair Elixir Lozione" can be purchased from https://www.amazon.it/dp/B08Q881S43/
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This is a treatment similar to "Lozione", but it comes in a creamy state and is 30 times more concentrated.
This treatment is useful for men or people with short hair.
The effects of this product are much faster, but being creamy, it is consumed faster.

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This is a shampoo with similar properties to "Lozione" and "Crema Forte", but it is not so concentrated.
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We recommend replacing your normal shampoo with this shampoo, to guarantee the effectiveness of the treatments.

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This product is a Styling Gel, with the same properties as the shampoo.
Although it is not as concentrated as "Lozione" or "Crema Forte", "Gel Intenso" can be very effective, taking into account that you keep it on your hair all day.
"Gel Intenso" is the only hair gel in the world that does not cause hair loss; it even stops hair loss.

If you are interested in a collaboration with Sereni Capelli, we are open to partnerships and would like to have official representatives in your country.
All you have to do is contact us by email at contact@serenicapelli.com and from there we will start the discussions about partnerships.
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