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Rafa blogs on 29/01/09.

ราฟาตอบคำถามแฟน ๆ ประจำวันที่ 29/01/08 จาก timesonline ค่ะ ( เมื่อวานราฟาไม่ได้เขียนบล๊อกค่ะ -_-" )

Questions for Rafa: do you have any fillings?

Do you ever get road rage when driving your car or are you a relaxed driver? Sahara
RN: No, I am a very calm driver.

Do you ever get nervous when flying? Sangyuri
RN: Sometimes I do, but I have had the chance to know well how it works and I am very confident.

Have you ever played squash? Carol and family, London
RN: A few times, not much.

Why you always lay aside your bottles so carefully? A Rafa fan in China.
RN: It's a routine, like the other things I do.

Have you read any of the Harry Potter books or seen any of them films? Christine, UK.
RN: No, I haven't. But I watched the movies.

I am a dental hygienist, I know you are very fond of chocolate and wondered, do you have any fillings in your teeth? Eileen, UK.
RN: Like everyone else, I suppose. Not because of chocolate.

When you play Feli, or Fernando, or anyone of your friends, is it easier or harder, or do you look at them like just another opponent? Brie, New York
RN: It is different, we know that. But we try to forget that when we are on-court and try to play our best, both of us.

Can you tell us what went through your mind when you won Wimbledon for the first time last year? Sam, UK
RN: Tough to describe in such a short space. I can tell you that I really realised after I had done it. Amazing feeling, though.

Do you support a team in the English Premier League? Danny, Liverpool
RN: I mentioned the other day that I always play Man U when I play at the play station (they are very god there) so I suppose I support them also in the real thing.

ราฟาตอบคำถามแฟน ๆ ประจำวันที่ 29/01/08 จาก heralds ค่ะ

Hi Rafa,
Do you find it difficult to play against yr friends/Davis cup teammates, i.e. Fernando in this case or even Feli Lopez?
Best regards,
Esther, Singapore

It is different. We are good friends so to play such a special event like this makes it a bit weird. In the end we are rivals so we try to have that focus.

คำถามส้มเองค่ะ ^_^
Do you love shopping ? What kind of things you always spend money most ? -Som from Thailand

No, I don't love it that much.

Dear Rafa,
How do I prove that it is actually you answering all of these questions? I have faith that it is you, but some skeptical people I know have been teasing me for believing you are answering these questions. They think someone at the newspaper is making it all up. Can you help me prove them wrong?
Anna, Brisbane, Australia

At the paper? How would they know all these answers? I could actually go against them if they do such thing. A matter of correctness and legal issues. It is me with the help of my PR guy who helps me with translations and typing every day.

Hi Rafa.
The Bryan brothers said that sometimes you run around the locker room nude-is that true?

Where did they said it? Kind of silly to say things that happen in the locker room. No matter what. That's our real private place.

Hello, mister Rafa!
Congratulations for the great '08 and good luck in Melbourne! I would like to know what was your idol growing up? Either from tennis or not. Best wishes,


I never really had an idol.

You've been coming to Australia now for quite a few years now. I was wondering if by now you've imes had the chance to sample any of our "traditional" Australian foods? For example, Vegemite, Pavlova, lamingtons, Tim Tams, Chiko rolls etc. If so, what did you think of them?

I had some kangaroo meat. Never heard of the others you mention.

Is the climate in Melbourne similar to Mallorca? If so, do you think it will help your game? By the way I read you liked the series LOST. A new season is starting soon, maybe you can watch it while you're waiting for matches. I hope you go all the way! I'm a big fan and would love to see you win a hard court slam!
Nancy Daltorio

Not this week. It never gets this hot in Mallorca. we have a more mild weather.

hi rafa. i'm a big fan of yours. my question is, how do you deal with yourself when losing a match? Has it affected you in your life?
Nurhayati Hashim

It doesn't affect my life, that's for sure. It does affect for a few hours my state of mind (? not sure this is the correct expression). But it goes after some time.

Hi Rafa,

We all know you love playing on clay, but my question to you is, what is your most favorite court in the world to play on?

- Dean, Mildura, Victoria

I have a few. I can say that I love to play in Monte Carlo, Roland Garros, Barcelona and Rome (talking about clay)


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