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Speck of Gold / Afterlife

Yesterday night was the officially Halloween night. By the time I got home I saw lots of people dress in fancy costume. Well, some teens put on Halloween dress and went to any bars actually. Kids surely enjoy dressing. But what surprises me somehow is that their parents also dress in fancy costume. I remember a 4-year-old boy put on cow dress from head to toe as well as his dad!!! Could you imagine the grownup put on a cow costume walking down the street. Beside his mom put on some sort of sheep-watcher lady (something like a girl toy in Toy Story). Weather the parents are obliged to do so, I think its cute.
I didnt have a camera with me. Hm..even I had it, I probably wouldnt take a picture. Cuz I think thats happy moment of the family. I mean its sort of private moment. But Id like to talk about it to you.

Anyway lets get back to the topic. Since Afterlife has been mentioned lately and I got the CDs anyway. So before you believe anything, you should try it yourself, right? Its the latest album, Speck of Gold which was released in 2004. Its 2 CD set with additional remix CD. And I really like the remix version actually. Its track 1 Take me Inside. Since I listened to this song, Ive already forgot the rest of the album. 555555 Im kidding.

By the way, the CD cover is actually sparkling silver, but it turned out to be sort of dark when I scanned it. Well, just so you know. And I could only have time to upload CD2 songs only. If you like, Ill be back with CD1 songs na.

1. Take Me Inside (Christope Gozo Mix)
2. Shine (Chris Coco Mix)
3. Miracle (Cantoma Mix)
4. Clear Blue Sky (James Bright Mix)
5. Sunrise (Roger Sanchez Mix)

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From my previous blog krub.

K Թ˹, Glad that you like the song. Ill do so as you requested na.

>>ҹ÷ӡѹ觻 駪ҹѹ´ա
, thats what Im doing na.
Thanks a bunch for those mp3 The Postal Service krumb.

, I didnt know that you bought Johnny Hates Jazz CDs for the first time of your life. I couldnt tell anybody the first CD I bought. Its sort of embarrassing. I mean in my case na.
By the way, whats the Thai version for this song?
And I really dont know that youre crazy about Madonna!!! I have a friend who actually worship Maddona as a goddess!!! You two should get together na. :P

, glad to have you back. Im doing fine la. I have a feeling that youll meet some day na.

., thanks for mailing the Bloggang staff about my counter na.
>> my blog, your blog, vajji blog, kimju blog and carpenter blog.
It seems all the ex-scifi+LOTR blogs only had this problem. 5555555 I guess because we ourselves troublemakers.

Last but not least, Waddee krub lung 5, I know you like this kind of songs krub.
But I think its time for me to change the host. Maybe I should try Tripod as many people mentioned about it.
I hope not.

: (melkor ) ѹ: 1 Ȩԡ¹ 2548 :21:51:24 .  

Թǧ͹ѹо ͹¿ѧҹФѺ ѧШСѹ

: (͹ͧ ) ѹ: 1 Ȩԡ¹ 2548 :23:44:07 .  

ԧ繹ФѺ ҹ ҡͧҴ͹ҷ駹鹷ǹҹ¹ ҡ˹ѡѺ

ǹJohnny hates jazz繫մáҴٻԹ 仫¤Ѻ ͹Թҡ ǹŧ·ͻŧ ....ѧ仺͡Сѹ

ѹչͧͧ͡ ѹѧʹءо ѹѲͧ ͤҹҨѴ ѹٻдѡԴм ͹ 蹵ҹ͹ѹ ʹء 褧ѹҷҧԡ͡

ͺŧҡ¤Ѻ Ŵǹ!!!!!!絺ҹ͡!!

: ͹ͧ ѹ: 2 Ȩԡ¹ 2548 :0:06:47 .  

, I'm sure that you've already heard many songs from Afterlife cuz there're al least 3 songs in Cafe Del Mar series for instance, Breather 2000, Sunrise, and Dub In Ya Mind.

>>ҹ ҡͧҴ͹ҷ駹鹷ǹҹ¹
I guess because I'm alergic to Madonna. 55555 I'm kidding. I didn't notice that actually. Well, then you'd better put more bigger posters of Madonna na so that next time I visit your home I can see them.

Fighto! Fighto! Fighto! (try to sound like Japanese volletball team on the way jogging na)

: IP: ѹ: 2 Ȩԡ¹ 2548 :2:17:39 .  

Шѧ ¿ѧǧԹҧ

Ŵ .͹ѹ

: Together In 80s Dream ѹ: 2 Ȩԡ¹ 2548 :9:35:56 .  

ԹǨԧ ԴCafe Del Mar ŧŧͧǧ soundФѺ

: ͹ͧ ѹ: 2 Ȩԡ¹ 2548 :9:50:40 .  

źФѺ ͧѧҹ ҡشʹ (ѧҷ͹) ФѺ

ŧ蹹 Featuring Ѻ Dannii Minogue ¤Ѻ

: ٵ IP: ѹ: 2 Ȩԡ¹ 2548 :10:21:05 .  

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