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23 / Blonde Redhead

Im right now in my office actually. But Im really in the mood to up my blog now. Cuz I got new album from Blonde Redhead. I cant wait to get back home in order to up-blog with Thai description. Hope you dont mind. Just think as practicing English na. :P

Anyway I have no idea about this band before. It just happened to me that I was leisurely wandering around The Virgin Record store as usual yesterday. And here it is at the new release shelf. The new album from Blonde Redhead, 23. Its absolutely the CD cover that drew my attention. It looked very weird as a illustration of 4-leg woman playing tennis. Then I saw the short description flyer about this album saying something like it sounds like Lush. Lush is one of my favorite group from 90s. So I went straight to the listening booth. It didnt take me very long. Only when I listened the first track, 23, I decided to but this album. 55555 Call me headlong or whatever you want to. :P

After listening to entire album, once again I fall in love with this band. It does have a sound quality like Lush. But Also got its own uniqueness. This band Blonde Redhead are Italian twin brothers Simone and Amedeo Pace with Japanese singer Kazu Makino. Quite variation, right? So far, 23 is their 7th album. (not to mention a bunch of EPs). Its a shame that Ive never heard of them before. 555555

The title track 23 is my favorite track from this album. It might sound cliché if I say it really rocks my world. 55555 The track The Dress sounds haunted to me thanks to the Japanese singer. The entire album is not totally dark and dim. The track like Silently is quite cherrful and kinda cute actually. Hope you enjoy this band like I do.

1. 23

2. Dr. Strangelove

3. The Dress

4. Sw
5. Spring And By Summer
6. Silently

7. Publisher
8. Heroine
9. Top Ranking
10. My Impure Hair

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yeah.. first reply.
I'm in my office too and sth wrong with my computer, I cannot type in Thai. T_T

This is third day for me in the office after five days orientation with lots of company policy. T_T

ps. Does anyone have same problem as me?
When open this blog, Internet Explorer seems to freeze for a while.
I have try on many computers and it always freeze.
(This won't be happen if you use Firefox.)

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5 5 5 繤ҧȡѹ ͡Դµʹջѭ

Blonde Redhead ǧô¤ ͺ§ǹѡͧӹ ʵͧ͡ѡɳҡ ѡǧҡź ͺŧ Elephant Woman ҡ ǡͧ Ŵҿѧ աŧͺҡ Luv Machine ҡź In an Expression of the Inexpressible 98

ź ʹ㨹 ŧ 23 ԧ ѧ Blonde Redhead
The Dress, Silently Ҩж١ . ѹ Ťҡ˹ ѧԹͤҡ ¿ѧ 23 ǹ֧֡ Elephant Woman §ѹ ªͺŧش

͹СѺҹʧҹǤ (13-17) ѧʧҹ () ź˹¹Ф ѹ˧

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ͧҢ 4 ... ʹ. ๪Ѻ

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繻մչ๵ ѧдش¤Ѻ ѡǧҡ͹¹ ʧ¹Ҩͤ͡ǡѺ 80

ͺسҡҺѺ 㨷ѧ Sunrise Ẻԡ к͡ Simply Red Ҩж͹ѹ Sunrise ԡ й ਧ


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