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Deep Dish / George Is On

I figure out the problem that it doesn't show many pictures. I guess it's because many people open my blog at the same time. That's why it probably exceed my geocities picture host bandwidth. Something like that.
So if it appears to be "Red marks", no picture, TRY "RIGHT CLICK" ON THAT RED MARKS AND SELECT "SHOW PICTURE" FROM THE PULLDOWN MENU. Cuz even you "refresh" the page, it may not help. Sorry for the inconvenience. :P

One good thing about being aboard is that you have many chances to meet your fave artists more often.
Today I routinely stopped by at Virgin Store and I got excited cuz Deep Dish would come to the store to promote their latest album George Is On. Im not exactly a big fan of them. But their latest album really strikes me. So I rushed my ass of going back to my apartment to pick up my digital camera and the CD (well, you need something that your fave artist could sign the autograph). I really did it and came back to the store in time.
Its not too crowded. Most of the audiences are young people (including me 555555). They span the music for like 6 songs from the latest album including the single Say hello which I like so badly. The atmosphere was nice, casual and easy. Their music is not hardcore Trance anyway. Actually I should say Dance/Electronic instead. I took some pics and video clip of Say hello. I could do it not the entire song cuz my cam was running out of memory. Too bad.
After that brief life show, they gave autographs. And I got it already. ^_^ He signed me Stay Cool which I wish I could do that all the time. Especially when listening their music. :P

Anyway if youre new to this kind of music genre, I recommend track 7 Say hello. Its my fave song from this album. It sounds awesomely cool!!! And back to back with track 8 Dreams, featuring Steve Nicks of Fleetwood Mac. (I know, if youre not 80s fan, you probably have no idea.) And if you look for something a bit chill-out, try track 11 Sergios theme. Its a nice chill-out song as well.

Disc 1

1. No Stopping For Nicotine
2. Sacramento
3. Flashdance
4. Swallow me
5. Awake Enough
6. Everybodys Wearing My Head
7. Say Hello
8. Dreams (featuring Stevie Nicks)
9. Dub Shepherd
10. Sexy Ill
11. Sergios Theme
12. In Love With A Friend
13. Flashing For Money [Sultan Radio Edit] Deep Dish VS Dire Straits

Disc 2

1. Flashdance (Guette & Garraud F*** Me Im Famous Remix)
2. Flashdance (Hoxton Whores Remix)
3. Say Hello (Rock Mix))
4. Say Hello (Angello & Ingrosso Remix)
5. Say Hello (Paul Van Dyk Remix)
6. Say Hello (Dylan Rhymes Acid Thunder Mix)

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ѡ deep dish ੾з remixer ФѺ źͧ ͺҷ Everything but the girl Ѻ


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I can't see your pic again.
Geocities said you have exceeded data transfer.
Maybe you should find a new hosting soon.

I haven't downloaded your music yet.
I feel asleep now.
I have midterm examination on next week with the hell of exam schedule.
All 4 hard subject are stuck together in one week and the one that easier is on week after next week.
I have have tutorial on Thursday, Friday maybe on Saturday and Sunday too.

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