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Swing Out Sister Live @ Canal Rm in New York City

Its once in my life time experience to see Swing Out Sister live!!! The chance for me is probably impossible. But it did happen in NYC.
Swing Out Sister is another 80s survivor UK artists though they may not be very famous like in 80s and tends to be more jazz. Even so, if you grew up with UK pop music, its like dream comes true. They were back to The States tour after releasing their latest album Where Our Love Grows.
The show was at Canal Room on June16 2005. My friend from Michigan and convinced me to see the live show with him. He actually bought a ticket already and its about $45. Hm quite pricy to me. So at first I didnt buy the ticket in advanced. Just thought that there always tickets left to buy at front of the club. But I was wrong!!! When the day came, we stopped by at that club and I found out that tickets were sold out!!! At that moment, I pretty much regretted that I hadnt bought ticket before show time. T_T
Well, Theres always hope even in the desperate moment. :P And its also quite a surprise to me that I saw a group of Thai people beside me and my friend ( I mean I didnt expect if therere any other Thai to see this live show In New York City!!! ). A woman offered me a ticket and I sure bought it without hesitation.
The show started around 8 pm with a female singer. She sang many songs along with her electronic backing tracks. Her music was more like funk+trip hop something like that. Shes pretty good actually but I was not exactly into this kind of music genre. :P
Then its time for Swing Out Sister show. Turned out that Corinne Drewey, leading singer of the band, came without Andy Connell. My friend who is very good at spreading rumor said that they separated already!!! Anyway, the show must go on. She came with two back-up singers and 4 musician.
Unfortunately I had a short term memory. So I didnt recognize the opening song. 555555 But basically they preformed around 18 songs in total including their hit singles like Breakout, Twightlight World, La La means I love you, Am I the same girl and Now youre not here (55555). The atmosphere of the show was cozy and she did a good on singing and entertaining. I remembered that once she talked to the audiences about last time they had a live show in NYC. There was a noise from the back of the audience saying that it was 10 years. Then she argued that it should be 11 years something like that. ( I now Im a poor story-teller, right? Cuz it doesnt seem fun to you at all. I know 555555 )
Anyway I took some photos as well as taking video clips as my poor digital camera could video.
Here they are.

clip 1
clip 2
clip 3
clip 4

There were a couple souvenirs sold in that show. One was their latest CD album and the other was Live in Tokyo CD album. I bought the later CD. So as usual, I ripped it into MP3 and uploaded at megaupload host which could be downloaded for a month unlimited. Once again if you got a chance to but this authentic CD/tape, please do so to support the artists!!!

By the way, at the end of the show, my friend insisted on staying a bit longer cuz he heard that she might give autographs!!! And she didnt make me disappointed. She was back from back stage give me autographs at the back of my CD. And most of all, I shook her hand!!! I think I didnt wash my hand that night. 555555

1. Surrender
2. Get in Touch With Yourself
3. La La Means I Love You
4. Sugarfree
5. Stoned Soul Picnic
6. Closer Than the Sun
7. Heaven Only Knows
8. Filth & Dreams
9. Now You're Not Here
10. Am I The Same Girl
11. Breakout
12. Twilight World

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