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Saint Etienne / Side Streets [CD2]

I always admire 80s groups who survive the long journey into the new millennium. Comparing to a lot more groups who probably have one hit wonder and then just disappear, or die out when releasing the second album, Saint Etienne can make it happen.
Their music always sounds gracefully that make electronic genre could be blessed. No one sound like Sarah Cracknell, the singer of Saint Etienne. Listening to her voice is like floating in the air. Her voice is heavenly!!!

They plans to release the upcoming soon. But first here’s their single “Side Street”. There’re actually 2 CDs but I decided to buy CD2 this time cuz it features 3 songs including Side Street video. CD1 features 2 songs only!!! –“-

1. Side Streets
2. The Leyton Art Inferno
3. Got A Job
4. Side Streets Video

As usual, I upload the mp3 at Megaupload host. Simply click the song list to download. And most important of all, if you like this single, please buy their authentic CD/tape. Show your support.

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plsss i cant download that song :(
pls pls

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