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What Happens Tomorrow (Harry Peat Mix) / Duran Duran

Know me pretty well. 555555 I try not to disappear too often. But like I said before, there are too many distractions for me these days. :P

Im not quite why I didnt talk about these singles when they were first come out. Maybe because I was obsessed with the album versions for both of them. Anyway, nothing much to say about these 2 singles. Youre probably familiar with them already.
I would say Duran Durans latest album, Astronaut, is pretty impressive to me. More like fantastic comeback. (Try to forget the previous album 555555) The Astronaut album I got comes with the DVD. It features brief latest live performances. I remember theres a scene that Durans guitarist went backstage shortly after their show and the guy had to put the oxygen mask. I laugh my head off because of that scene. 555555 Well, consider how old they are. Its not surprising. Its just, you know, time flies and people get old (as well as audiences like me :P )

Something I wanna complain about their single is that CD1 got only a remix version!!! No maxi-single!!! Thats what I mean. You cant imagine how expensive these import CD singles. So I only bought CD2. Both singles. Yep, thats all I got. I upload the mp3 files already. Enjoy downloading. By the way, if you possess high speed internet, you might wanna download the video files, last track of each single.

(Reach for The) Sunrise, CD 2

1. (Reach Up For The) Sunrise (Album Version)
2. (Reach Up For The) Sunrise (Nevins Radio Mix)

3. (Reach Up For The) Sunrise (Ferry Costen Dub Mix)
4. Know It All
5. (Reach Up For The) Sunrise Video

What Happens Tomorrow, CD 2

1. What Happens Tomorrow
2. Silent Icy River
3. What Happens Tomorrow (Harry Peat Mix)

4. What Happens Tomorrow Video

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Ǩ Will be disappear as usual Ш

ԧŹ黡´ ͺԧ (Reach Up For The) Sunrise ѧҹ ѧ͹͡ Nevins Radio Mix ֡ѡѺҴ˧

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Duran Duran ǧôǧ˹ؤ Neo-Romantic Ѻ


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ҡѺ ŧԡ
ǡا Duran Duran ѧ䧡

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