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Tiesto / In Search of Sunrise 4 : Latin America

Since Pa Kimju accused me as an 80s guy (which is partly true only 5555), I also listen to different kind of music as well. Like Trance. I know, lots of my friends speak to me if Im too old for this music genre already. 55555 Well, I would say I try to rejuvenate myself or, in other words, Id like to pretend Im a teen guy again. 55555 You know, keep me awake and energetic something like that. :P
Trance is part of electronic/dance music. Some people feel it too noisy. Thats why if you wanna try it, you should start from Trance that features female vocal, I think. I found that many Trance divas help the music sound gracefully and heavenly!!!
Today Id like to introduce you Trance from number 1 DJ in the world, Tiesto (refer to the ranking from many electronic music magazines). Actually Im not crazy about ranking that much as long as the music sound good. Anyway, heres his latest album In Search of Sunrise 4/ Latin America. Personally I think his previous In Search of Sunrise 3/ Panama is better than the latest album in terms of how he compiles the songs. But its pretty alright and its the latest album anyway.

CD 1

1. Solarstone and JES - Like A Waterfall
2. ToneDepth & SoulTan - Moments
3. Ahmet Ertenu - Why
4. JASEfos feat Claire Van Der Boom - Do What U Want (Max Graham Afterhours In Montreal Mix)
5. Wighnomy Bros - Wurz + Blosse
6. Coca & Villa - La Noche
7. Tilt - Twelve (Dousk Mix)
8. Luminary - My World (Andy Moor Mix)
9. Steve May - Blend Forty 3 (Luke Chable & Steve May Remix)
10. Gabriel & Dresden - Arcadia
11. Split Second - Midnight Express
12. BT - The Force Of Gravity (Tisto Remix)
13. Allure - The Loves We Lost
14. Blank & Jones feat Bobo - Perfect Silence (E-Craigs 212 Remix)

CD 2
1. Estuera vs Re:Locate - Palma Solane
2. Leon Bolier presents Inner Stories - Beyond
3. POS - Gravity
4. LNQ - People I Used To Know
5. Mads Arp featuring Julie Harrington - Slow It Down (Mathilda Mix)
6. Dominic Plaza - Sounds Rushing
7. Matthew Dekay vs Proluctors - BAD
8. Electric Pulse - White Noise
9. Grayarea featuring Erik Shepard - Gravity
10. Tisto featuring Matt Hales from Aqualung - UR (Junkie XL Air Guitar Remix)
11. Odyssee - Evolution
12. Progression - Sands Of Time
13. LSG - Netherworld (Oliver Prime Remix)
14. Sensorica vs Jin Key - Only One (Rave Mix)

Therere many more Trance artists that are worth to try, for instance, Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Kyau vs Albert, Above & Beyond, Gabriel & Dresden, and so forth. Welcome to the Trance world!!!

Anyway, according to , I make zip files before upload. I think its kind of weird that the Megaupload host doesnt allow mp3 or wmp file format. Whats the point by doing that?!? Hm..alrighty, from now on, I make zip file first. By the way, mp3 files for CD1, I did upload mp3 files before Im aware of that fact. So let me know if you couldnt download songs from CD1. Sorry for the inconvenience.

PS1. Pa , You always come up with cartoons that Ive never seen. I guess, youre really retro than me. 55555
PS2. ҧ, If Kitaro comes to Pattani to perform live concert, I might immediately go back there too. :P But who dares go to Pattani now?!?
PS3. , I bought some Star Wars toys for you, could you wait till I get back thete cuz the shipping cost is killing me? And I re-edit/upload Swing Out Sister songs. Scroll down to that blog to download them. Let me know if theres something wrong again.

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At first sight, the cover makes me think about some kind of natural music for relaxing.
But after I've download for 2 songs.
I absolutely agree with your friends. lol

This is music genre that i'm not quite familiar with.
I agree with u to start with Trace with female vocal features. It's seem to be less noisy and easier to listen.

Thank you for StarWars toys. Sure, i'll wait until you come back but when? And thank you again for re u/l music for me. I'm downloading Tiesto album which is finished 8 songs now.

The reason that i try to type in English is i just wannna practice my English. Even I study in International program but nobody speak English with each other. (Only lecturer will speak English)
Could you imagine, all of my firends are Thai and the rest of students in university are in Thai program. How's other people look to you when you speak English, for friends in my gang, it's okay but for the rest of people.
In my class we have 1 Indian student, now he can speak Thai fluently.

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soo khao na Kaiii. (ҹС)

*ا ҽҡաǴ*

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ҫ˹Ѻ Cd Tiesto

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I had just discovered it. Moments earlier, I'd settled into my seat and plugged the Beats' seductive red cable into my iPod Nano's mini-jack.
I'd selected an album and pressed Play. Nothing.

: Lady Gaga Heartbeats IP: ѹ: 20 ѹҤ 2553 :12:33:38 .  

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