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I hope my background isnt too geeky. I guess I up my blog every 2 days now. 55555 Anyway I have been down tempo or otherwise sending you to sleep for a while. Its time to refresh and lets dance!!! Dont worry. I wont put something to annoy someone sitting next to you.

I have new release of Royksopp. HmI barely know about this duo though. Well, you can put Royksopp in the same genre as Air. And this is their second album, I believe. Unfortunately I didnt buy the first album. Just got a few songs from the first album that are collected in a couple electronica compilations. So, no comment for the first album.

But this latest album, its really cool to me. At first I heard their single Only This Moment which is my pick today, and it strikes me big time. Its sort of electronic/dance that I think its favorable and contemporary. Its blissfully!!! Hope you like it too.

My fave tracks is of course Only This Moment but Alpha Male track 9 is awesome too as well as Follow My Ruin. A woman singing for What Else Is There? which at first I though she sings a different language. But when I tried to listen carefully, shes actually singing English.

And as usual, click this song list to download MP3
I upload them at MegaUpload Host

CD 1

1. Triumphant
2. Only This Moment
3. 49 Percent
4. Sombre Detune
5. Follow My Ruin
6. Beautiful Day Without You
7. What Else Is There?
8. Circuit Breaker
9. Alpha Male
10. Someone Like Me
11. Dead To The World
12. Tristesse Globale

CD 2

1. Go Away
2. Clean Sweep
3. Boys
4. Head
5. Looser Now

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Ẻ 2CD Limited Edition ͹ѹẺ
觿ѧ 2-3 Ѻء ѧҺŧ˹ŧ˹
شá͹ѹ ͡ʨ仵ҿѧ

: Together In 80s Dream ѹ: 11 ԧҤ 2548 :21:30:40 .  

Wake up krub P' . You are missing something nice na.

: melkor ѹ: 11 ԧҤ 2548 :22:58:06 .  

And as usual, i can't see you pic and sample track.

Mostly you're reply or update blog at day time or in the morning.
i guess you're using computer at your office and it's always online, right?

: ... ѹ: 12 ԧҤ 2548 :0:06:00 .  

اС͢ѹѧ ^^"

: IP: ѹ: 12 ԧҤ 2548 :12:04:51 .  

ѡǧҡԡ Kings of convenience Ѻ Թҹͧͧ ͧͧѧӧҹѺ

Bg 맴դѺ ͡´շ¤Ѻ Ѿءѹ 55

: ǵ ѹ: 12 ԧҤ 2548 :13:09:35 .  

Yur're right, . I recommend you open my blog the time less people usually access internet like 6 o'clock in the morning. So you'll see all pics.

I actually up my blog the first thing I do when I just arrive my office cuz my office net is faster. And I have to upload lot of MP3 anyway. But I won't be online all day long. Well, if you want me get fired. 555555

>>Pa , not as you are. Hm....maybe we're both not busy at all.

>>ǵ, I actually never try 'Kings of convenience'. Could you post in your blog?
I downloaded the background from Röyksopp's website na.

And if I upload my blog every day, I'll let you guys know first. 555555 Thanks for visiting my blog every day as well.

: melkor ѹ: 12 ԧҤ 2548 :19:48:45 .  

Ѻ ŧʹ ŧдմ¤Ѻ


: ͹ͧ ѹ: 13 ԧҤ 2548 :13:42:16 .  

Ǥ سС öѺطʧ͹ѹ ͤǾѺ仾Ѻ 3-4 ź §Ѵ蹹ҿѧ Ҩж֧ҹѧ 2 ͺʹ

͹ͺ Track 7 Ѻ Track 9 Track 1

: Together In 80s Dream ѹ: 13 ԧҤ 2548 :19:40:02 .  


: ͹ͧ ѹ: 14 ԧҤ 2548 :15:02:27 .  

ҶسС solo album ͧ Sarah Cracknell 䧤 ѧ˹ҵ

: Together In 80s Dream ѹ: 14 ԧҤ 2548 :15:37:28 .  

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