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Angels: Chill Trance Essentials

Ive visited Khun ǵْ blog. He has a good taste on music. Its good to know that theres somebody else listen quite similar too what I do. (or you may imply that I have a good taste of music too. 55555 What a narcissi I am. :P )
Anyway maybe I should show many down tempo Trance, in other words, Trance sort of Chill-out like one of my fave CD, Angels: Chill Trance Essentials. I mean its still Trance but not exactly raise your heartbeat. Its sort of chill-out that featuring many female singers, remixed by those famous DJ and remixers. Im pretty sure that its easier for you to listen to it rather than pure or hardcore Trance. And I would say the best place to appreciate this kind of music is resting by the sea and enjoy this Chill-out music. Well, thats why Ibiza in Spain becomes well-known, right?

Disc 1

1. Love U More - Sunscreem
2. Airwave (Sunset Mix) Rank 1 This is my fave track of this album. It just feels so good listening to this song like the music can sooth your soul!!! And believe me, because of this song, Im hunting for Rank 1 full album!!!
3. Southern Sun (Solarstone Chill Out Mix) - Oakenfold Well, if you have already known about Paul Oakenfold, then I have to explain to you more about this famous Trance DJ.
4. Cafe Del Mar (Michael Woods Remix) Energy 52
5. Time Of Our Lives (Pvd Time To Chill Mix) Paul van Dyk feat. Vega 4 Once again, for Trance fan, who dont know PvD? You gotta be kidding, right?
6. Heaven Will Come (Album Mix) The Space Brothers
7. Sweetest Dreams (Ambient Mix) - Corderoy
8. Rame (Slomo Version) Snap! Im quite surprised that this late 90s song is included in this album considering that Snap! is Rap music. But this particular remix totally fit in this kind of music genre. I like it also.
9. Surrender (John PalmerS The Sweetest Thing Remix) Mr Sam feat. Rani
10. Strange World (TranquiloS Chill Out Mix) - Push
11. Rapture (Soulside Remix) - Iio This is also one of the songs that I listen over and over. You can easily forget the other remix of this song cuz this remix is so cool!!!
12. Calling Your Name (Solarstone Chill Out Remix) - Libra In case that youre brand new to this kind of music, Libra is one of many names of BT. Mike Oldfield even praised him that hes really virtuoso musician. Hes a DJ, a remixer. And on top of that, he also could compose and sing!!! Hes one of my fave Trance artist. If you dont know him, try Flaming June. Its my all time best Trance song ever!!!
13. Time Is The Healer (Harry Peat Ambient Remix) - Riva
14. Madagascar (Michael Woods Chill Out Mix) Art of Trance

Disc 2

1. Outhouse (Fluffy Mix) Nathan Fake The only thing I can say about him is that he has a weird name!!!
2. Stage One (Blain Sandhag Mix) Space Manoeuvres
3. Sleep (SolarstoneS Afterhours Mix) Conjure One I actually really like the original version of this song. This remix is pretty OK though. Anyway, theres so much to talk about Conjure One and Delerium.
4. Das Glockenspiel (Schill-Out Fassung) - Schiller You have to listen to his Life album that features Sarah Brightman.
5. See Me Here (Acoustic Mix) - Orion
6. Silent Words (Chiller TwistS Sunrise Mix) Jan Johnston Jan Johnston is like Trance Diva that many DJs want to work with. Actually Fresh remixed by Tiesto is my fave song.
7. Troy (The Phoenix From The Flame) (Andi Durrant Remix) Sinead OConnor Whos gonna believe this song is remixed to be Trance? Well, she also sings for Conjure One anyway. :P
8. Janeiro (Chiller Twist Blue Line Remix) Solid Sessions
9. Silence (Michael Woods Remix) Delerium feat Sarah McLachlan Here comes Delerium. Im gonna show you their compilation soon!!! Be prepared!!!
10. Earth Way Out West Actually Way Out West is my fave Trance duo DJ. Well, its just that this song
11. Compass Error (Tarrentella:Redanka Dubbed Version) - Atlas
12. Magnetic North - Sasha Hes a shy DJ really. He got his autograph when he released his remixed album Involver which is so awesome!!!
13. Ambient Galaxy (Disco Valley Mix) Astral Projection

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