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Delerium in early years was more like Enigma but quite on a darker side!!!. Its like if you wanna listen to their early music, youd better hear it in the dark. I guess thats why they were not popular.
Then the last 2 albums, it seems they figured that they should step into daylight!!! By doing so, I guess its quite trendy to have many divas singing for. Beside, they tends to be more Dance/Electronica something like that. Among of those heavenly voice singers, they are, for example, Sarah McLachlan, and Leigh Nash. (What? You dont know her? Come on. Shes the leading singer of Sixpence non the richer. :P )
The song Silence with voice of Sarah McLachlan helps them gain worldwide success. (Maybe I should mention Tiestos remix version of that song as well)

Ive got a chance to see them on live performance about 2 years ago when their Chimera album has been released at Arwin Plaza theatre in NYC. Its quite small live house but quite crowded with audience. Conjure One was the opening artist for Delerium. Actually Conjure One used to be member of Delerium but leaving on his own later. Well, they still hang out and tour together for some reason. :P
Too bad that the singers like Sarah McLachlan didnt attend their concert. One of the singers took responsible singing all the songs. I didnt quite remember her name. But they were really great anyway. Besides, theres video project which was showing really awesome background for the concert. Its pretty much like the CD sleeve that I post here from The Best of Delerium album.
Its sort of like Renaissance painting. I really like it.

1. Flowers Become Screens (feat. Kristy Thirsk)
2. Silence (feat. Sarah McLachlan)
3. Paris (feat. Aude)
4. Truly (feat. Nerina Pallot)
5. Terra Firma (feat. Aude)
6. Incantation (feat. Kristy Thirsk)
7. After All (feat. Jael of Lunik)
8. Underwater (feat. Rani)
9. Run For It (feat. Leigh Nash)
10. Remembrance
11. You & I (feat. Zoe Johnston)
12. Innocente (feat. Leigh Nash)
13. Euphoria (Firefly) (feat. Jacqui Hunt)
14. Silence (Above & Beyonds 21st Century Remix) (feat. Sarah McLachlan)

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ͺسѺ ͧ仫͹ Enigma ź Voyageur Ҽҡ Ǽǧ˹ҿѧ᷹ ͹źáҹФѺ


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شʹѺ ͤТadd

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Ŵ˴ҡѺ ͺ

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i don't know her
i don't know Sixpence non the richer
but i really like cd sleeve.

: ... ѹ: 27 áҤ 2548 :17:59:12 .  

ͺسѺس Melkor (ҹѧФѺ) 仵ͺӶ͡

ѧ駡Ъǧ 80 ФѺ Ҩ

Ŵ Silence Ѻ ẺͺŴӧҹ ŧ ѹͧҫѡѡ㹡ŴФѺ 9 Ѻ14˹

: ǵ ѹ: 27 áҤ 2548 :20:52:19 .  

Artwork ԧѺ

ͺسŧ 觻ѹѹѧФѺ

: Pit ѹ: 27 áҤ 2548 :22:29:10 .  

You're welcome krub, Khun ͹ͧ
As well as Khun Pit.

: melkor IP: ѹ: 3 ԧҤ 2548 :1:09:07 .  

Ŵ¤ ͺ ṪŴͧҿѧ͹ Ǵǹҡ Ŵ֡͡ѺçѺ§ҹ ͧѡͧ¹Ф

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͡˵ç ѡ Delerium ҡ͹ԧ...зѡŧ Silence ФѺ...

ٴ֧ź Feat ѹẺ....
͹ Possibilities ͧ Herbie Hancock Ѻ...
ªͤ Feat ....ء ...
ѧ sample amezon 觻зѺ....
Һ س melkor ͺ jazz Ѻ....


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سСիǴ Lost In Translation ¤ ҫ

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