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Saint Etienne / Tales From Turnpike House

I guess youre not ready for Trance music. 55555
Alright, then were back for Electronic genre again. Ive just got the new Saint Etienne album Tales From Turnpike House. Its double CDs that come with Up the Wooden Hills EP.
I love the way they have that CD cover and artwork in CD sleeve. Its pretty cool.

Last time I updated my blog with their latest single Side Streets. One thing I noticed from that single. They seem to play with the hm sound. Well, actually they seem to really enjoy that hm sound cuz its like applied to all the songs from this latest album. Try the last track and youll know what I mean. My fave track is 8 Stars Above Us. Its joyful and sort of like refreshment to me.

Tales From Turnpike House

1. Sun In My Morning
2. Milk Bottle Symphony
3. Lightning Strikes Twice
4. Slow Down At The Castle
5. A Good Thing
6. Side Streets
7. Last Orders For Gary Stead
8. Stars Above Us
9. Relocate
10. The Birdman of EC1
11. Teenage Winter
12. Goodnight

Up the Wooden Hills EP

1. You Can Count On Me
2. Barnyard Brouhaha
3. Let's Build A Zoo
4. Excitation
5. Bedfordshire
6. Night Owl

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Wow. The artwork is awesome !
Wanna have one (if the import CD is not much expensive)

: Pit ѹ: 19 áҤ 2548 :16:53:25 .  

㨵çѺҡ ͺ Stars above us Ѻ Sides street ش EP ФѺ ͺ졻ҪشҡѺ

͡á ҡк͡ҼԨҤسҡ swing out sister ǧѡش ҡſҡ Ԩҧ

: ǵ ѹ: 19 áҤ 2548 :20:03:50 .  

WOW! Thanks for upload Saint Etienne album again.
I can' see any of cd sleeve.
It's seem to be you have over data transfer. All pics are shown as 'X'.

Your Trance music are good for me.
Especially when i asleep in classroom coz of lecturer with mono tone.
I just put 1 ipod headphone in my ear, then select playlist 'Tiesto / In Search of Sunrise 4 : Latin America', i'll become alive in 1 minute.

I think your blog will be well known in very soon coz somebody paste your blog link in Chalermthai.

: ... ѹ: 20 áҤ 2548 :19:25:34 .  

shit. what's wrong with cd sleeve.
i've refresh for many times but nothing happen.
Right after i click 'submit', all of them are shown as usual.

hope after i post this comment it won't be disappear again.

: ... ѹ: 20 áҤ 2548 :19:33:18 .  

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