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Mad World / Michael Andrews Feat. Gary Jules

Last weekend when I was watching a movie (you dont wanna know whats it. :P ). Before the main feature began, therere many movie preview. One of them is new Reese Witherspoons movie Just Like Heaven. Guess whats the soundtrack I heard from that movie preview? (I give you 3 seconds) Yes, youre right. Its The Cures Just Like Heaven, my fave song, is already in that movie!!!! comment.

Anyway, back to our story today. Well, that sort of remind me of another movie coming up with 80s song. Its Donnie Darko. I think its like 3 or 4 years ago. If youve already seen that movie, you might recognize the ending credit song Mad World, covered version of Tears for Fears.

The covered Mad World is performed by Michael Andrews feat Gary Jules. I have less information about them. But I do know that the song is like the relieve part of the movie since the movie is somewhat weird and eccentric in a way. So, to put that song at the end of the movie is like the best part of the movie really. 55555

I havent got the soundtrack actually but I have the single instead. So enjoy the mad world.

1. Mad World - Michael Andrews Feat. Gary Jules
2. No Poetry - Gary Jules
. Mad World (Alternate Version) - Michael Andrews Feat. Gary Jules

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. So, to put that song at the end of the movie is like the best part of the movie really. 55555


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ѧŧФѺ ͧҿѧ Ъͺѹͧ Tears for fears ҡҵҧѹ˹

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