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ตุลาคม 2556
25 ตุลาคม 2556
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Invisible Empire

I am queen of my own empire. I swear by my star that I will protect and defend my empire faithfully to the last drop of my blood.

By KT Tunstall

I thought the candles gonna go out.
The wind was blowing and the door was open.
But the candles never went out, never went out.

The way found its way to the shore.
I thought it was a ripple and nothing more,
But the way found its way all the way to its shore.

Oh, oh, I wanna burn this house.
I know I wanna jump into the fire.
Oh,oh I gotta tear them down.
Pinnacles of my invisible empire.

I know the gamble never works twice.
All the destructions of the table and waited days,
But the thrill it feels so nice, you do it all again.

But I look to the gyps I loose,
standing on the platform with my neck in the noose.
But I know its not my time, not my time.

Oh, oh, I wanna burn this house.
I know I wanna jump into the fire.
Oh,oh I gotta tear them down,
Pinnacles of my invisible empire.

And if I do, all the things I do.
And I tell myself that I'm staying true.
I'll never stop, you know I'll never stop.
You know I'll never think about it.
Put it into all this time, that I would spend with it on my mind.
You know it never stopped, no, I'll never stop.
You know I'll always wonder about it.
I wondered about the wonder.

Oh, oh. We're a resting crown.
I know this dynasty is falling.
The crowd shouts for another round.
To see the ruin, the spectacular, diamonds, baby.
Icebirds, the minarets and the marketplaces.
The signal fires of my invisible empire.


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