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กรกฏาคม 2558
28 กรกฏาคม 2558
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In a Bar

How have you been? Is it raining where you are? I can feel you here, and then I remember all the space between us.

By Tango with Lions

I wanna meet a friend
In a bar tonight
The evening is long
So long I hardly move

A can in my hand
A picture in my mind
A voice I need to hear,
A laugh I need to show

We're lonely, babe
In a boat, again

I need to see a friend tonight
Or see the people in a bar
I wish they could not see me at all
How I wish I could describe their pain
Or my pain

The mystic light, the choir of smoke
The smell of wood, the pose, the joke
The dirty little world inside
That needs to come out
Needs to come out

I wanna meet a friend
In a bar tonight
The evening is long
If only I had that strength
To see those people,
All so lonely as me

All so lonely,
All so lonely as me

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