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กุมภาพันธ์ 2554
27 กุมภาพันธ์ 2554
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New Tomorrow

The winner of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2011 - Denmark's contribution to The European Song Contest 2011

By A Friend In London

Come on boys, come on girl
In this crazy, crazy world
You're the diamonds, you're the pearls
let's make a new tomorrow

Wake up, slow down, do nothing right now
Breathe in, breathe out
Did we forget how to live, to dream
And what it all means
It's like we don't care
Who's hot, who's not
Who's got the right upside down
Tonight, tomorrow
You're out of time
Upstyle, you are back in the line
all raised to nowhere

Come on boys, come on girl
In this crazy, crazy world
You're the diamonds
You're the pearls
Let's make a new tomorrow

Come on girls, come on boys
It's your future, it's your choice
and your weapon is your voice
let's make a new tomorrow

Turn left, turn right
Don't break up your mind
Your way too fame
Is all in vain
You're getting in the spot
Then you're running out of luck
You're going nowhere
We can change it all today

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