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Say It

Sometimes it happens,
That you'll have to kiss far too many frogs
Before you find a prince…

By Blue October

It's all about steam, it's all about dreams
It's all about making the best out of everything
You'll know when you're fine, 'cos you'll talk like a mime
You'll fall on your face, you get back up and you're doing fine

"A considerate clown, a preachy preachy machine"
Is one of the sweetest things you would say about me
But I don't have the time for your distorted esteem
Why are you toying with my mind?

I don't wanna hear you say it
Now you're messin' with my pride

Look, you think you're smarter than me
Well, everyone knows, you will never be smarter than me
That's how it goes

I gained forty pounds because of you
Was there an "S" on my chest
Well, I confess, you were too much stress
I'd have a heart attack at best
So now I breathe it out, I breathe it out
I spit it on the crowd cause they lift me up,
They lift me up, they lift me up, when I'm feeling down
What am I spitting out? spitting out, something we never talk about
It's called my... mind

I don't wanna hear you say it
Now you're messing with my pride

I'm sick of standing in your line
So now you'll have to take it
Take this to heart
I will never let you f*** me over
Stop talking down to me your war is old, your game is over
So here's my coldest shoulder

I don't wanna hear you say it
Now you're messing with my pride

Something we don't talk about
Something we never talk about

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"I am not in this world to live up to other people's expectations, nor do I feel that the world must live up to mine."
- By Fritz Perls

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